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  • ocnewkid ocnewkid Jan 18, 2008 9:38 AM Flag

    Screw the states how much did they sell in Europe

    With the falling dollar i'm more interested in how many wii's were sold in the European Union? Anyone has an estimate on these numbers?

    While the US represents their largest foreign market they do not get as big of a boost has they would have during last xmas season and the summer, due to the falling dollar and FX transfer rates, but with the continuing rise in the Euro i'd assume the European market would be of significant importance going forward.

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    • These are the kind of consumers you want to have; the ones that don't care about price!...

      Japanese Look At Video-Games Before Prices: Survey -AFP
      Dow Jones Newswires - January 17, 2008 4:50 AM ET

      TOKYO (AFP)--Japanese video-game lovers choosing a console care more about the games they want to play than the price, with Nintendo's (7974.OK) Wii so far holding an edge in coolness, a survey said Thursday.

      The poll of 3,422 gamers by product pricing site found that 49.2% said their top concern for picking a console was "because it's compatible with the games they absolutely want to play."

      Nearly 43% of others said they wanted to buy the console that's most talked about, with a mere 6.1% foremost concerned about price.

      Asked which machines they owned, one-quarter said the Wii, the popular Nintendo home console with an innovative motion-sensitive controller, and another quarter had the Nintendo DS double-screen portable machine.

      Only 10% had the PlayStation 3, even though Sony Corp. (6758.TO) invested heavily in advanced graphics for the next-generation machine, which is more expensive than the rival Wii.

      Another 10% picked Sony's PlayStation Portable. The XBox 360 of U.S. computer giant Microsoft (MSFT) has struggled to seduce Japan, with only 3% of gamers saying it was their pick.

      But asked which console they hoped to buy next, 28% chose the Wii and 27% picked the PlayStation 3.

      The figures were in line with actual sales figures. Nintendo has sold some 3.63 million Wii units last year in Japan, while Sony sold 1.21 million PlayStation 3 machines. Both machines were launched at the end of 2006.

      The Japanese have bought a mere 260,000 XBox 360 units since its launch by Microsoft at the end of 2005.

      > Dow Jones Newswires

      01-17-08 0450ET

    • Not to mention Nintendo will probably not be hurt nearly as much as Microsoft or Sony now that we are in the last stages of platform adoption (people buying the consoles), because they operate high margin in house games( ie software), that continues to sell like hot cakes. I see the growth story continuing even in a global slow down. This is not even including the growth and market domination of the DS.

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