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  • manicdevlin manicdevlin Feb 17, 2008 8:24 AM Flag

    Expect some news at GDC this week.

    They will probably announce US release date for the WiiFit and some
    WiiWare games.

    ``WII FIT: Creating a Brand New Interface for the Home Console Takao
    Game Design/
    60-minute Lecture
    Overview: A fitness video game? Nintendo developers were challenged
    from the start when given the directive to develop an application for
    daily use that enables you to have fun while monitoring your fitness.
    Takao Sawano, the principal Wii Balance Board developer, discusses how
    his team ended up creating an unprecedented new game controller that
    will have a far-reaching impact for both casual and core gamers in WII
    FIT and beyond. Attendees will learn about the development of WII FIT
    as well as how the product, which recently launched in Japan, is
    already turning family living rooms into private fitness clubs.

    Creating Spielberg's BOOM BLOX Louis Castle
    Game Design/
    60-minute Lecture
    Overview: This presentation focuses on the unique production and
    design processes used to create BOOM BLOX, a Spielberg | EA original
    game for the Nintendo Wii shipping early this year. BOOM BLOX was
    created highly collaboratively with Steven Spielberg by a very small
    team in a relatively short period of time. Dozens of unrelated
    playable prototypes were created which focused on game play compulsion
    loops built around the Wii controller to determine which would create
    the most entertai

    Development - SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL Masahiro Sakurai
    Game Design/
    60-minute Lecture
    Overview: One of the strengths of Nintendo is its great number of
    character franchises. SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL builds on this legacy by
    providing a unique experience for Wii, leveraging many popular
    characters from the history of Nintendo and beyond. However,
    integrating so many different characters, each with its own
    personality, is no easy task, especially when characters from other
    publishers are willing to join the brawl. The man behind SMASH BROS.,
    Masahiro Sakurai, discusses how he has approached this unique game

    Implementing Ragdoll Physics on the Nintendo DS Eric Brown
    60-minute Lecture
    Overview: This lecture will address three specific technical issues
    which, will enable development of Ragdoll physics on the Nintendo DS.
    These issues are: * Development of a robust particle system with
    constraints * Breaking the precision barriers in fixed point math * A
    very cool trick for performing rotations

    Planning the Wii Menu: From Pre-Launch to WiiWare Takashi Aoyama
    Game Design/
    60-minute Lecture
    Overview: Takashi Aoyama of Nintendo's Network Group explains for
    attendees the story of the development of Wii hardware's internal
    programming. The Wii Menu includes a diverse array of built-in
    entertainment and educational options for users, including the News
    Channel, the Everybody Votes Channel and the Check Mii Out Channel.
    Aoyama discusses how the team at Nintendo has tackled these
    unprecedented challenges for Wii, including the most recent challenge
    to introduce WiiWare.``

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