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  • ghirshorn ghirshorn Mar 1, 2008 5:28 PM Flag

    I need some input

    I asked my parents to buy me $200 of a stock for my 10th birthday (I am 22 now). They came back to me with a list of stocks i could pick from and I immediately picked out Nintendo because I knew the N64 was coming out soon. 12 years ago I bought 20 shares at 9 and change each. I know if I sell now the profit is huge but how much does everyone expect them to come back? Will they ever get anywhere near their high again or is this where you see them staying? Any advice with what to do at this point would be helpful.


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    • You should answer that question for yourself because it is your money. How much do you expect Nintendo to come back? Will a 2% dividend boost 7974's share price on the TSE? Will the PS3 rally and stomp the Wii? Is the Wiimote visionary of a fad? Is the DSL a fluke or the future of mass market gaming? Has "Great Depression II" started, of is the US housing bubble just like every other crisis in the last 20 years? Will the next US president be smart or an idiot? If you decide to sell, don't spend it on an engagement ring. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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