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  • nt_doy nt_doy Mar 9, 2008 6:00 PM Flag

    when will nintendo make new highs? EVER?

    did it peak? ds and wii success are fully priced in, whats left to drive it higher?

    it doubled two years in a row, cant continue that forever... did nintendo peak??

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    • "However, the rate cuts on the way will boost the world market short term for sure, but it will have an accelerating effect on inflation in the longer term. Rates will have to be raised eventually. "

      Rates should have been raised 6 months ago. Inflation IS a problem. I'm not sure what planet the Feds live on however in the past 6 months I've seen the raw cost of copy paper run up $3.00 a case (well over 10% increase). Gas prices have risen dramatically. Hell, my frozen fruit and vegtables from the super market have risen 40% in the past 3 months. All of my small business insurance and health care costs have risen ridiculously for the past 3+ years.
      Wages surely haven't kept up yet spending and borrowing are out of control.

      Inflation IS a problem. When the Feds realize their main objective is to control inflation it will be, hell, it is too late. For them to rectify the problem will more than likly throw us into a depression rather than the current recession. The longer this debacle is prolonged the worse the landing is going to be.

    • "All the movement in Nintendo's share price is based on external factors, not on any news from Nintendo. "

      Truly board moron you can't be serious?

      Management is very tight lipped. You can extrapolate current sales / trends and get a pretty good guess on the quarter’s earnings as well as an idea of the direction forward earnings will take.

      "Summer game sales might be good too."

      Another truly stupid statement. It's not a question. . .they are very good.

      "If it hits the 40s when Bush speaks, I will buy more."

      Again incompetent, facetious drivel. . .

    • After today the P/E is in the high 20's, sorry for being a few hours early ;).
      You can fing estimates info here: Reusters also has a reprot you can get thru Etrade global markets.
      The 4000+ for earnings would be for March of 2009, but I don't see Nintendo doing that, but who knows? Wiifit could draw in legions of buyers, and maybe Nintendo will dare to make enough product. Summer game sales might be good too. Sorry I was not clear about the time frame.
      Also I should have said "priced in *given the current market.*" All the movement in Nintendo's share price is based on external factors, not on any news from Nintendo. Someone says "What? The US having a recession? -- Bosh!" and the Nintendo shares jet up almost 7%! Nintendo is a mega cap! Tomorrow Bernarke burps duing a meeting and the market plunges 500 points taking Nintendo down 6% with it. Then Bush speaks and markets tank world wide.
      I rate this stock a hold unitl the EOY report in April where I hope Nintendo will disclose how it has hedged currency valuations and what its production plans are. If it hits the 40s when Bush speaks, I will buy more.

    • As you see, questioning Nintendo in any way - no matter how neutrally-phrased - will result in you being attacked.

      You are also NEVER, by law, permitted to advocate the selling of Nintendo stock. The lowest permissible recommendation is "Hold," and even then you're coming off as suspicious. Best to stick with "Buy" at all times, during all conditions.

      Just remember to never ask questions whose answer may reflect negatively on Nintendo and to ALWAYS advocate purchase of its stock no matter what, and you'll do well here. Welcome aboard!

    • Joe, you're a smart dood. Gillette makes most of their money on razor blades not razors. Nintendo is in the unique position of developing many of their own games. They keep ALL of the profit on those. The more consoles out...the more games they'll sell at awesome margins. I'm pretty confident in this company even in a downturn this stock is money. Just think if the Dollar recovered some value. Regardless this stock is priced right and the reward outweighs the risk.

    • If people think Nintendo's success is "priced in" they don't know that much about video games.

      We are entering the sweet spot of the cycle and Nintendo is the clear cut winner. The leverage is just beginning because (and I shouldn't have to say this) the more consoles they sell the more games they sell and that is where the obscene profits are.

      Nintendo is having the best "cycle" of any company in videogame history. They have the #1 handheld, they have the #1 console and they make and sell the majority of software for these systems. I believe these trends will continue over the next two or three years and that the stock price should be significantly higher.

    • Far from peaking, the stock is undervalued.

    • April or sometime this summer. Super Smash Bros and the Wii Fit and Mario Kart will drive sales to new highs as well as continuing to sell out of Wiis. I was at Best Buy this morning and people are still in long lines to get the Wii.

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