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  • ralphheat ralphheat Mar 25, 2008 11:52 PM Flag

    Will NTDOY make a new high in the next year?

    i read the posts on this board and believed them and bought when nintendo adr was much higher, will i be able to get out without a loss anytime soon??

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    • I will attempt to answer the original question. I bought in at the low 30's just over a year ago and I have not sold nor am I even enticed at these levels. I think NTDOY is undervalued. My valuation based on rough estimates of cash flow and intellectual property gives me a valuation of 80(conservative)-100(aggressive) dollars a share. This does not mean that the stock will rise to that level in the next few months. It should however get there within a year or two. This is a company with a WIDE economic moat and one of the best brands in the world. Still, with the shares in the low 60's this is around a 20% margin of safety, not enough for me to buy more.

      I agree with most of what Pchz said, he just doesn't come across very friendly sometimes. Overall I think this is a good board. There are not many people that just scream BUY BUY BUY. If you had read any of my previous posts you will notice that most have a disclaimer about how investing in Pink Sheet stocks (really any stocks) require difficult research and often times reporting is non existent.

      Pchz said he thought you were a noob. If he really thought that I think he should have been a little more warm and inviting. I disagree with him. I do not think you are a noob, and I don't think you bought NTDOY because of this board. Ultimately I don't care why you invested in NTDOY.


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