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  • boooughner2003 boooughner2003 May 3, 2008 9:00 PM Flag

    Wii wheel tops GTA4 for ps3

    Ha ha ha. Look at the amazon rankings for video games. An accessory for a nintendo game that is not even released yet is beating GTA4 for the Ps3.

    GTA4 was the biggest threat to Nintendo's total dominance. It looks like anticipation for wii fit, mario kart and force unleashed are going to keep people from caving in and getting GTA.

    Oh yeah, and the dollar is coming back. $90 by year end.

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    • Wii is for little kids, soccer moms and elderly. The other consoles are for productive adults.

      It is an apples and oranges comparison.

      P.S. Mario Kart Wii came out over a week ago. Pay better attention.

    • "$90 by year end."

      Hope you mean the stock, not the dollar ;-)

    • You confirm my opinion while mindlessly bashing me for expressing it clearly. Typical of this deluded board.

      Then again, most of these sorts of message boards for stocks are weighted towards mad bullishness. Prior to Wii's release you didn't see any of this kind of 'irrational exuberance'... it's only after the fact of success that everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

      And, as history has proven, that's the best time to hop off. In terms of product releases, Nintendo is a total crapshoot. You never know whether you're going to get a DS/Wii or a Virtual Boy/N64. Riding the wave of a fad past its crest is stupid, and I'm glad you acknowledge it. You're not buying at this level. Just like me.

      Thanks. Discussion ended.

    • Stock performance and business results are not the same thing, idiot.

      If you don't understand that, you're in way too deep.

      But hey, if it helps you sleep, ignore reality. Buy more NTDOY since you're so confident.

      Oh wait, you aren't actually that confident. Never mind.

    • You myopic monomaniacs are funny. You act like Nintendo being at the top of the charts for sales is something novel that hasn't been fully priced into the stock for years to come already.

      I guess you neophytes don't understand that stocks are forward-looking and already take into account present success, as well as estimated future success based on current trends.

      Wii Fit, chart dominance, none of that matters... it's all priced in. The real question for INVESTORS who think the stock should/will go higher is: what's next that *hasn't* already been reported on ad infinitum?

      You guys got nothing. And the downtrend confirms it.

      The ADR for this stock is headed back to the 40s, based on valuation. Mark my words. Sell now! Set buys at 41-43. Thank me later.

    • You arrogant pricks are going to lose your shirts.

      Your absurdly hostile responses to any inkling of bearishness is ridiculous. You're cult members, and I'm through with this board.

      Pigs get slaughtered. It's the lesson of history. I'm not getting paid by you jokers, so I'm not doing your homework for you.

      Have fun going broke. You could have taken profits off the table, but you were all stupid.

      See you in 3 months. Let's see where NTDOY is then, smart guys.

    • Pickle, please stop feeding the troll.

    • Tell me oh wise one. What is the current PE, the forward PE and the average PE for the sector?

      Any numbers or just empty assumptions?

      Put up or shut up little man.

    • "You're not buying at this level. Just like me."

      Did you miss the hold part? Wait and see wasn't clear enough?

      Earnings this quarter will be better than earnings last quarter. The company is still growing and through its conservative management style won't glamorize itself (hell it trades on the pink sheets). While I'm not buying at this level either, I'm not selling either. Upside potential vs. downside is still a positive from what I can figure.

      Your Strong Sell sentiment level accurately express your bias. Any logical reasoning to go with it or are you banking on historical trends? Your comment "Riding the wave of a fad past its crest is stupid," is rather nonsensical. If it is a fad or not, it has definitly not passed. . . .

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