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  • penhead25toabox penhead25toabox May 13, 2008 11:06 PM Flag

    10% decline in store this week

    "7974 gave off a Gilligan Sell signal on 5/8-5/9 and will decline 10% over the course of this upcoming week."

    From what I can find your statement is incorrect. . .

    Gilligan Sell:
    "The Gilligan sell signal is a strategy described in my first book Hit and Run Trading, where an index or a stock gaps open to a new 60-day high and closes near the low of the day's range. Of course, many highs are Gilligans, but not all Gilligans are highs."

    On 5/8 the open was around 57,900; close around 57,600. . .on 5/9 the open was around 57,600 and close around 57,400.

    On 5/7 trading was around 58,500. . .

    Your numbers don't make any sense. A down trend sure however a Gillian Sell. . .based on your info. . .no. Where does the 10% come from???? Is it a random number?

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