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  • normalhaha normalhaha May 15, 2008 2:47 PM Flag

    Bruce Everiss article at Seeking Alpha way off

    Will someone please put Bruce Everiss in his place (which most likely will be the corner, wearing a big pointy hat). I'm at work and I just don't have enough energy today to write the properly scathing review this article truly deserves.

    I'll cover some of the "high points" in order to motivate you out there.
    - Nintendo is at the end of it's life cycle and not worth developing for.
    - Only titles that sell are first party, everything else is "shovelware." (ed. note: so a market ripe for a good third party game isn't worth developing for because there aren't any good third party head hurts)
    - the DS isn't worth developing for because of (this is rich) piracy! (ed. note: and really, who wants to serve an install base of 70million plus?) Here is a quote, "Vastly more people will steal your game than will pay for it." This man just criminalized 36 million people!
    - the iPhone and nGage, "will certainly overtake casual gaming to become the fastest growing sector of the business and have the potential to grow to become one of the major forms of gaming." (ed. note: the nGage?......nGage!.....NGAGE!)

    If you go on to read some of his previous articles you'll notice a pattern of blatant disregard for human life. I like the one titled, "4 Reasons Why Wii Ought To Anticipate a Price Cut."

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    • Ha ha ha ha, keep denying reality you stupid punks.

      Bruce is right but you deny ANY criticism or pessimistic views because you are all lazy and greedy.

      PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED, the #1 rule of investing.

      Oink oink NTDOY

      • 1 Reply to ntdoyexpert
      • Let's see, first, you use a Kramerism, that will get you lots of respect in investor circles.

        Next you create a dead link WSJ article that supposedly bashes Wii sales. Is it real, is it a reader message under the article? Who knows, because IT ISN'T THERE! Using WSJ's search for Nintendo brought up no articles over the past week that said what you purported them to say.

        WiiFit must have gotten you a little nervous over the weekend, I suppose. Don't worry, it's only money.

    • "Maybe Nintendo is getting enough attention now to not be sold off with all the other Japanese stocks? That was what I expected after the blowout holiday sales, but it did not happen then. If that is what is happening, I am sure paying a lot of taxes for nothing"

      WTF are you talking about?

      Please put down the crack pipe ellen. From $20-$70 in 2 years.;range=2y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined.

      The stock is due a consoladation period. No one likes it since it's moving sideways however your incoherent post about a lackluster Q1 followed by "I am sure paying a lot of taxes for nothing". You are an idiot.

      Please take your 20 shares and move along.

      By the way "blowout holiday sales" should read blowout 2 year sales. . . they havn't stopped yet either.

    • Maybe Nintendo is getting enough attention now to not be sold off with all the other Japanese stocks? That was what I expected after the blowout holiday sales, but it did not happen then. If that is what is happening, I am sure paying a lot of taxes for nothing. Good luck in your investing.

    • Nintendo should be answering to him. If Sony was being dissed like this they would be screaming. But count on Nintendo to say nothing. All the bashers will dog pile commenting on his remarks and while Nintendo is silent the shares will sag until the next quarterly report where Nintendo will exceed expectations and raise guidance.

    • His incessant dislike for Nintendo and inability to understand what Nintendo has acomplished have been evident for a while. Nintendo disallowing him, early in his career to develop games, for their consoles has obviously scarred and jaded him. "Bruce has joined a start-up computer games company twice in his career — first Imagine, then Codemasters "

      Quotes like; "Third party titles from other publishers are mainly low quality shovelware that have now frightened the consumer off." Are simply comical.

      The industry has understandably vastly underestimated the success of the "gimicky" Wii. Nintendo has traditional been close minded to 3rd party developing so. . .3rd party devlopers are late to the game producing quality games for the Wii. For him to consider them "low quality shovelware" is simply his opinion. Looking at the number of sold consoles and number of sold software titles contradicts his shovelware statement. When he learns to print facts rather than opinion will justify any credibility he has (obviously he has none).

      Simlply because his pedigree has gaming developer in it doesn't mean he is intelligent.

      What's that I see. . .third party games being developed specifilly for the Wii. . .noooooo!.

      "Boom Blox is the first gaming collaboration for the Nintendo Wii between Electronic Arts, and Academy Award winning film director Steven Spielberg. Far from being a narrative-driven epic, or fast-paced action game as you might expect from such a union, Boom Blox is actually a very simple puzzle style game that has been designed in such a way that players of all ages can enjoy it using just the Wii remote."

      Mr. Everiss's credibility and common sense was shot when he was predicting for the PS3 or Xbox to overtake the Wii in sales (with a timeframe). The guy is a moron, he could at least wait for a trend to break before spouting off.

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