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  • kfdahadhv kfdahadhv Sep 22, 2008 4:19 PM Flag

    NTDOY blows with the wind... it's a total gamble

    You're an insecure liar who makes accusations based on some binary view of the world. Seen it before. Any bearish view of a dog stock is interpreted as short-positioning.

    Are YOU buying more NTDOY at these levels? Really? Even in view of the facts?

    We both know you're not buying squat. And we both know the reason why. Game over, thanks for playing.

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    • Manipulative fool.

    • You don't have to constantly buy a stock to think it has potential..

      I bought 100% of the shares I wanted a couple years ago at around 32 and didn't buy any until after I sold at 70 and 75 then the stock dropped to 55 and I bought those shares back then sold everything in the mid 60s.

      I am definitely looking to buy under 50, but not any time real soon. I will look for a bottom in the overall market, then everything will be going up big. I have only very small long positions in GLD, ATVI, and short SHLD.

      Advising people to sell at these low levels is irresponsible even if there is still SOME downside left in the overall market, and thus NTDOY as well. The fact is, if it's not the end of the world/great depression, then in the years ahead stocks will be much higher and many will be above their previous highs.

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