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  • kfdahadhv kfdahadhv Sep 22, 2008 4:20 PM Flag

    Nobody is buying NTDOY

    This board is only really active when the bulls are psyched about the stock.

    Nobody's posting now, and the reason is obvious.

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    • But plenty are still buying crack...
      The "established" companies you are talking about are not even worth 1/8th of Nintendo, and maybe they're not so volatile because people are losing interest in trading them? Everybody knows how to price them, but are the rules clear for a company that has shot up from the 20's straight to the 70's? At least I'm not bored to death trading this stock, even though reading this thread has taken care of that.

    • And you care... why?
      Oh let me guess, you're trying to "help people out"?

      Short-selling filth.
      You are part of the problem.

    • Have you noticed the drop in NTDOY is NOT company specific? It's the world economy? I have not owned NTDOY in months, not because of the company, but because of the world economies.

      Short SHLD and long GLD ; ATVI is my position. What's yours?

      This company has pulled great numbers/earnings growth for years and IF everything works out this stock will eventually fly as the company has been doing great, while the stock has been tanking much like many other companies out there especially in the gaming sector.

      Selling here is just plain crazy IMO. If you didn't get out higher then you might as well ride it out and buy more eventually when it inevitably goes lower. If you sell and don't rebuy you will end up locking in losses (or smaller gains) and miss the ride up.

      Strong sell is horrible advise IMO especially if you are not a short term trader.

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