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  • badparkingjobs badparkingjobs Oct 24, 2008 12:00 AM Flag

    Boy this is getting ridiculous

    It's funny, less than a year ago everyone was sounding the "everything's ok" alarm, and just when things are so bad that they have to admit it (as a matter of fact, they just said it will get worse), you have investors that are looking for it to bottom out in the near future... if some companies are now worth less than their assets and cash did the market overreact? If you factor in common sense, yes, of course... but just like the media, the market is not grounded in reality, as a matter of fact I am now aware that there is no such thing as a correction, just fear, greed, computers, and a sea of investors, officials, and analysts that have no business making any decisions or predictions in the first place, let alone in the market. If Buffett's investments go bust any shred of greed left will go along with it, and we might actually be treated to the sight of empty bridges and a book he actually writes.
    But I digress... fear, greed, and now computers are market forces, yes, but what happened to love?

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