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  • call_me_whatever_ya_want call_me_whatever_ya_want Apr 13, 2009 1:32 PM Flag

    NTDOY down to new lows

    This is ugly. Today NTDOY traded at the lowest levels it has been over the past year. Clearly there is something very wrong here. It seems Wii sales have slowed dramatically in Japan and Nintendo is very very worried. And since Japan is seen as being "ahead of the curve" when it comes to video gaming, this may indicate a coming slowdown in Wii purchases in Europe and North America.

    Maybe the fad and novelty of the Wii system are finally wearing out? Nintendo needs to hurry up and do something.

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    • I have not owned NTDOY stock in a very long time after buying the stock a few months after the Wii was released at 32/share.

      So even if Wii sales are slowing the stock is trading right around where it was when the mega hit console was just released!

      I will be buying back again very soon. I may not be able to sell in the 70s in less than a year like I did last time I bought the stock, but big returns are all but certain at this level.

      Oh and I hate to break it to you but 33 is NOT a new low. It has bounced off this level twice YTD. Nov. and Feb. look it up :P

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      • I bought at 34 before the Wii was a "confirmed" hit and sold it for a double.

        It's absurd that it's trading at these levels but I still think people feel the Wii is a "fad" even though it's the fastest selling console in history and will easily become the best selling console in history.

        The recent news about sales slowing in Japan hasn't helped and has led people to speculate that we'll see a sales slowdown elsewhere in the world. I doubt that. For every kid that has a Wii, there are ten kids that don't have one and want one.

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