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  • ellensprophet ellensprophet Jun 6, 2009 7:21 PM Flag

    Down to two game console mfg soon?

    With both Softie and Sony adding motion controllers, the complete triumph of motion control in the home game console market is affirmed. This could turn into a classic two vendor battle, where the choice becomes between the Wii (with the premium price) and one other console that offers superior technology and a better price point. If that happens, it seems to me that Softie better equipt to battle Nintendo than Sony because of the huge cash horde and the better market targeting.

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    • Perhaps Nintendo and Sony could join forces? Any partnership would have to favor Nintendo though because they hold all the cards. Sony is in bad, bad shape, IMHO.

      It seems like the stock's weakness can be attributed to another anemic E3 performance by Nintendo along with concerns that Sony and Micrsoft's motion controllers are going to further depress Wii sales. I doubt this technology will arrive in time to help beat Nintendo in this generation but Nintendo should be very concerned moving forward. (Which is why a tie-up between Sony and Nintendo would be good because you'd merge Nintendo's game library with Sony's technical prowess to build a console that appeals to a very wide audience.)

      I don't really see this stock going anywhere unless the new Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort catch fire and spur Wii sales.

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      • Thanks for your thoughts. I don't know about the camera based motion control. At a sports like baseball there is a fair amount of variation on how people swing the bat. Some people scrunch down to squeeze the strike zone, some whirl the bat before swinging, some turn their head to watch the ball, etc. A game where you move like tennis I just can't see working at all. How big a room would be needed? Imagine acting out football with camera based motion control ... you are the linebacker ...
        Sony should have bought Nintendo in 1992. How much is Mario worth now?

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