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  • ellensprophet ellensprophet Oct 5, 2009 7:07 PM Flag

    Nintendo management stinks

    Here we are on the threshold of the holiday season and not one hint of a advertising campaign from Nintendo. Millions of plump Americans and nothing pushing them to buy Wiifit. No promotional rebate, just a johhny-come-lately price cut in imitation of softie and sony that does nothing to generate a boost in sales. Nintendo management stupidly sits on uber-genius Miyamoto's coattails with their order pad, as if they are selling bus tickets.
    Unless the dollar recovers (not likely so long as it is the carry trade currency of choice) Nintendo will just drift until softie or sony figures out how to kill it. Might be worth holding if you think the dollar will recover before Ballmer figures out how to run a business. I threw the towel in today.

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    • Good luck with your long position. Great games and products, but a big clueless crap for management. In summary, more likely they will repeat the screw-up that gave the playstation its start.

    • Their marketing has been focused and is better invested on attracting 3rd parties, and I think it's finally starting to bear fruit... took a lot longer than expected. Well, look at that, a company that actually learns from its past mistakes, I think that they have a good head on their shoulders. As for calling the bottom, I called in in the 50s and I was WRONG, but it can't go lower that the 30s, when it is going to pick up I don't know, maybe when they're back in the headlines? Or when they officially trample on Sony and Microsoft's (and Apples? lol) attempts at competing and put up their flag? All I know is that I am LOOOOONG, and I will sell when Japan occupies another country, or when the stock peaks at 100, whichever comes first.

    • Only wish I had more to sell and help you guys out. I will let you know what I plan to sell next.

    • You made a big mistake. You sold on bottom price, and BOJ already stated that they will not allow the Yen to appreciate at current levels. Not to mention, you should never sell your investments during an economic recession. I would agree with you if the stock did not move during economic recovery, but we're not there yet. All I am seeing is the drying up of the sell side and support at 30$ range. The stock should start picking up early next year. Unless you really needed the money or think you can do better with another stock, there is no real reason to sell when you know this stock pays a juicy dividend.

    • I am sympathetic to your position. The stock has been acting extremely weak for some reason. I'll probably hold through earnings.

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