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  • eastofeastside eastofeastside Mar 3, 2011 12:09 AM Flag

    Does Nintendo realize its doomed by Apple?

    Apple has the superior business model. Game Over Nintendo.

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    • I just bought back into Nintendo after 2 years. When the Wii came out people said it was underpowered and would be a fad. They were sold out for more than a year. With the DS, I see kids playing these things everywhere. I don't see kids playing Iphones or Ipod Touches. I see adults buying up the Iphone games like crazy though. The games are limited in depth and are simple, yet fun. Even a DS game has more depth that Iphone games. I think there is room for both until the Iphone games get more depth and have characters that the "kids" care about. Pokemon is selling huge right now. Mario sells huge every time it comes out. Add 3D to the mix and consider almost all kids movies that come out are 3D, every kid that watches 3D movies is going to ask for one. I see this selling out here in the U.S. fast and if Nintendo can keep making enough we may be up 50% or more by the end of the year, just like when I bought this stock as the Wii came out.
      Kids just don't use Iphones much compared to the DS. Go to the local mall and watch them... ages 5-12 is who I'm talking about.
      It's a gamble for me, and I may be wrong, but I've got to buy based on what I see out there. It's rewarded me in the past.

    • Nintendo has uber game genius Masamoto in its favor. Sorry to say, Apple's business genius is looking ill. I hope Mr. Jobs gets better again, but without him, apple stock may be in for a tumble.
      Nintendo has the Mario IP in its favor.
      Nintendo's profit is being murdered by the strong yen, but the dollar benifits from global unrest.
      Other than that, I agree Nintondo's management is crap.

    • Do you realize that apple doesnt even make a gaming consol?? apple makes PHONES! Phones that are excelent and superior to all other PHONES! I have an iphone4, and a wii and a DS. I dont play games on my iphone becuause they suck compared to real nintendo games. I play games on my Nintendo consols. Have you ever tried gaming on an iphone? Nintendo has the best games and technology of any game developer. Games that could never be avalible on the iphone. Even if apple made a real consol they still wouldnt have Matio, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Metroid etc... So to say Nintendo is doomed by apple really is a retarted comment. Neither will be doomed by either company, both will win.

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