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  • gabrieldaher Apr 9, 2011 11:18 AM Flag

    This opportunity should not be missed....

    This stock is extremely undervalued and beaten up due to a rash of bad news and the situation in Japan. The facts...

    -Neither of the quakes or the tsunami effected Nintendo's operations in Kyoto, which is in southern Japan. Initial sales of the 3DS were probably effected, but are still strong and Japan is their smallest market, except for maybe Australia.
    -The sales of Pokemon Black/White as well as the 3DS and it's launch games are going to make this a blockbuster quarter for their financials.
    -The weak Yen is only going to help their financials, and from current reports the yen has suffered a 6.25% devaluation since last quarter!
    -Nintendo has historically announced dividends this quarter.
    -Apple is not as much of a threat as everyone would like to believe. Apple doesn't even develope games, and the 3DS has BUTTONS. Yes, real gamers like BUTTONS. Also, the DS and it's iterations have sold 145 million units worldwide, whereas the iPhone and it's multiple iterations have just broken over 100 million sold. What's that? The DS has sold 45% more than the iPhone? The DS's game market is also about 100X larger in revenue than the iOS game market. Contrary to media speculation, core gamers aren't flocking to touch devices and are still buying full retail games because there is NO COMPARISON to $.99 time wasters. Besides Angry Birds, are there any other really successful properties in that market?
    -Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Nintendogs. Each of these franchises on their own, bring in more revenue than the entire iOS game library.
    -Lest we forget that Nintendo owns the SEATTLE MARINERS and baseball season has just begun. Don't forget about that revenue!


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