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  • eastofeastside eastofeastside Jun 22, 2011 9:01 PM Flag

    Why you *should* continue to *stay away* from NTDOY


    I was the author of "NTDOY is the dumbest investment in the world."

    on April 11, which turned out to be accurate advice to say the least.

    Back to update why you should continue to stay away from Ntdoy for the next 18 months or more.

    Consider 3DS and Wii U have to compete with the following over the next 18 months:

    -iphone 5 this year, and ipad 3 and iphone 6 next year with significant graphic upgrades.

    -Windows 8 tablets and phones featuring Xbox Live support with powerful quad core processors from Nvidia next year.

    -Android tablets and phones continually upgrading and adding 3D capability.

    -The combination of ARM Cortex A15 + Imagination Technologies Powervr 6 bringing about a massive graphic and processing leap for mobile devices to HD console level performance in 2012/13 time frame.

    -PSVita at $249.

    -rumored Xperia Play 2 as hinted by Sony Ericsson.

    -Apple TV updates and other smart tv set top boxes with games available through app store. Apple TV + ipad 2 "Airplay" mirroring Wii U experience.

    -Eventual PS3/360 $249 and $199 price cuts.

    -Onlive cloud gaming service continuing rapid expansion.

    It's the combination of the massive increase in competition from major players with aggressive annual upgrades along with the antiquating of Nintendo's business model that is dooming this stock and the specific products themselves, 3DS and Wii U, are actually less relevant in the changing hyper competitive context.

    When will NTDOY be a good investment? When Nintendo changes its business model and begins to support mobile devices and cloud services. from other companies. Simple as that. Looking for early 2014 for that to happen.

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