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  • pilgrimboy14 pilgrimboy14 Jul 8, 2011 11:39 AM Flag

    Nintendo Misconsception

    As a 34 year old father of four, I do not see the casual gaming market (iPad, etc.) as a threat to Nintendo. Is there something I am missing here?

    It seems that casual gamers might actually want to play a "real" game at some point. When that happens, Nintendo will be there. My children enjoy casual games, but then they talk me into buying a $35 DS game (not 3DS yet, but I am sure it is a matter of time - we have two DSes). And then we shell out the money for a new Wii game. We hardly spend any money on casual games. For a company to make money, money has to be spent.

    So I look at Nintendo as being a good buy because they are one of the leaders in providing "real" gaming experiences. I don't see that threatened in the next generation of home game systems and handhelds. Am I mistaken?

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    • Two problems

      (a) Handheld market destroyed by phones

      (b) Once Apple introduces Apps for their yearly updated $99 Apple TV = console market becomes a lot tougher... yeah people will buy a few of the top end systems, but there's only so many people in that market.


      What should Nintendo do? Build for other systems.

    • I agree with you. Sure I can watch movies on an ipad or laptop, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have the blu-ray and HDtv set up at home to watch "Troy". I think the same goes for the video games. Also, there is a huge base of wii platforms in elder care facities that may be overlooked. My mother was in one for six months and half the time I called her, she was down in the tv lounge wii bowling with her buddies. That group ain't leaving the wii.

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      • I own Nintendo stock and I think they should rather fire Miyamoto.

        what new ip did Nintendo create in the last 10 years? They created Zelda, Mario and Metroid in a single year back in the 80s.

        What did happen to their franchises?
        Metroid? Dead with the latest game I guess.
        Zelda? Games are getting worse and worse, more and more resembling graphic adventures.
        Mario? Powerful franchise, but the core is in decline as well. New Super Mario Bros Wii was the best selling title, where's the next one? Instead Nintendo is wasting money on super expensive orchestras for Mario Galaxy.
        Well, Nintendo deserves a lot of critic, but let's not forget that the company has now 75% of market cap in cash (current assets - total liabilities). And let's not forget that the 3DS is a flop already, but does not have the piracy issues of the DS. Lowering the price keeps off the Vita and the 3DS is loosing to the PSP for now as the PSP is much cheaper, has cheaper $10 "essentials" games and a slightly longer battery time than the 3DS. As there won't be that many more games for the PSP I think the 3DS will defend the >60% handheld market share.

      • The problem with Nintendo is the management, not the games. The appeal of Wii bowling is the game, not the Wii.
        If they gave up platform sales and went to just marketed Mario and the rest of their IP, the company would be making a fortune. Imagine if Disney only marketed Mickey on an exclusive gaming platform.
        The best thing that could happen for NTDOY shareholders would be if Sony or Apple bought Nintendo, kept Shigeru Miyamoto and dumped the rest of management. Would Balmer make a better manager of Nintendo's IP? I am not sure.

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