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  • ps56k ps56k Sep 26, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

    lost leader - heyday is long gone

    Have held this in my kids account for years. When Wii hit the market, thought things were great. Lost sight, and hadn't watched this stock for quite awhile since 2010, when it was what $40, $60 ?

    Now - it's floating at $20 -

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    • just as a followup -
      I keep seeing TV ads for xbox games and ps games, but nothing for Wii ?

      Happen to see the 3DS at Target, interesting trick.... but does it really sell units ?

      It's sad that the once might Nintendo doesn't really have a way to continue to play up against the big boys.... marketing, games, consoles, portables, etc

      We still have each console boxed up in the basement, along with a Gameboy laying around in our son's closet.

      SO - what's been offered up lately (besides the 3DS) ?

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      • As a Nintendo fan I'll buy these systems for even a few of the first party games alone.

        there's a new Zelda(wii) coming out November.
        there's a new Mario(3ds) coming out November.
        Kirby will be seeing a new game soon.
        Pokemon is due for an announcement within the next year or so... Look for it, kids are still crazy for Pokemon.
        I think in japan monster hunter is big, that's coming out soon.
        Dragon quest games also tends to sell lots of units.

        As for marketing, People actually thought the Wii-u controller was either the entire system or just another add on to the Wii when it was presented at E3. So ya, Nintendo should improve its marketing.

      • It doesn't matter. Quit looking for the leadership. Nintendo remains profitable and that is all that matters. Buy it now while the company is looking for direction, sell when they are king. You don't buy high if you want to do well, you just don't.

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