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  • workfromwork Dec 14, 2012 8:48 AM Flag

    The biggest mistake is to sell now

    The stock price is not going to get lower than 13 so don't be fool and sell at these levels. at 13 a share Nintendo worth is 15 billion dollar. That's the amount of cash the have!!

    What company you know that 100 percent of their stock share is the cash?? what about the brands? only the brands Nintendo created worth at least 20 billion. So why is the stock down? people are in panic for video game stocks, even if the a company is profitable. just look at ATVI, on the day they released the news that they made 1 billion dollar from black ops 2 in 14 days, the stock went down. why? people are in panic and think irrationality when panicking. Wait for the earning report, and you will see how much they sold this holiday season. If I had more money available I would buy like crazy now from fools who sell at these price.

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    • Guess what? It CAN drop below $13/shr and did.

    • I find it ridiculous how little news there is about Nintendo's stocks dropping like a rock. How about some news from Nintendo themselves about what they plan to do about it, I think they owe it to us investors to let us know what the hell is going on. North American Wii U sales are largely dropping in the second week of sales, and I've yet to see any TV commercials even advertising the Wii U here in Canada. How are people even supposed to know about it for the Christmas shopping season? Most people still think the Wii and Wii U are the same damn thing. As I write this the stock is at 13.00, and something tells me it will go lower if Nintendo doesn't get their #$%$ together and do something about it.

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