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  • hahastocks hahastocks Jan 30, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Inside this HORRID earnings report

    Just posting the news like the PUMPERS here claim they do.

    Projected sales: Before --- After -----%

    Wii U: 5.5 million down to 4 million. 26% drop

    (Wow 4 million. Thats without the supply constraint the Wii had)

    Wii U game sales: 24 million down to 18 million. 25% drop

    (Speaks for itself)

    3DS: 18.5 down to 17.5 down to 15 million. 20% drop

    (3DS doing so bad they have dropped projected sales TWICE.)

    3DS game sales: 70m down to 50 million.

    (Thats a 29% drop!!!!)

    So pretty much everything they sale is expecting more than a 20% drop. Dont expect the PUMPING spin doctors on this site to do anything but bash me posting the facts. The more thumbs downs I get the more scared they are.

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    • Hey thanks for the post I am long Nintendo but I'm not a pumper This is a worrying report. The fact that they have so much cash and a good brand makes me think they can turn it around but thanks for you post. Where do you see the stock trading a year from now?

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      • No clue where this will be trading in a year but as far as this report it was well known before hand. The U being in stock all over at x-mas was a clue with signs in windows saying IN STOCK. Ebay auctions selling for less than retail price in Dec was another (these never happened for the Wii). Thing with video game stocks be it EA, NTDOY, GME ect ect these have been pretty darn easy to trade with few surprises for me. Simple fact is there are huge online forums and sites for gamers (not investors) to help judge hype and sales long before earnings are released. Having traded game stock for years as I was a gamer at one point myself I can tell you the hype for the Wii was HUGE before release and was nonexistent for the U. Want to judge where Nin its going? GDC in march and E3 in June might hold some clues but you cant get that info here. Need to go to the gamer sites and then shift through the BS because there is a ton. If Nintendo said they were going to stop making games and start making pet rocks it will get pumped on this site as a cost saving move. Keep an eye on NPD and MC sales #s also as if they tank then meeting these even lower #s will be tough then again if they are better than expected then an uptrend could come.

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