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  • thomas.yarbrough83 thomas.yarbrough83 Feb 10, 2013 1:17 AM Flag

    is it tell to sell for now?

    I think nintendo is probly ok long term but until we get closer to the release of some new games this may go lower...maybe ill sell mostly out and pick it back up later for less what do you all think..ha ha stocks I'd like your opinion especially...If you have thoughts on other video game stocks that would be welcome as well thanks

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    • I agree with hahastocks for the most part on Nintendo. I think short term is looking ugly, but it's really hard to say if selling now would be a good idea vs. holding. It may dip a little lower after annual results are announced in April, but you are likely to not gain much from the selling and buying costs. The news against Nintendo lately has just been horrible so as far as sentiment goes I think it's already low. 3DS is doing pretty well and has some good titles and is profitable now so after this fiscal year (which looks pretty ugly) it may start to bump Nintendo up. Wii U is really slow, but I personally think that's largely priced in and if it picks up momentum it could rocket Nintendo forward.

      Keep in mind that Nintendo is very cyclical and was trading much higher at the peak of the GameCube and GBA even when Nintendo was struggling and many were calling for it to go software only. It then of course rocketed on the DS and Wii's massive success.

      I'd say if you can sell and re-buy around $10-$10.50 and make good money then it might be worth the risk of selling and rebuying. If it has to go any lower than that I think you are much better off holding but monitoring closely as hahastocks indicated. If 3DS runs into problems or Nintendo's first party title for WiiU look like they will get massive delays and Nintendo starts bleeding cash trying to save it then it's possible it goes below $10.

      I'd be wary of SNE or MSFT for games. So much of their business is from other areas. Neither PS3 nor X360 were really winners financially but it's really hard to figure out how much they hurt/harm the stocks. That's one reason I invested in Nintendo is I think it is undervalued long-term and it's much easier to evaluate the impact of what happens in gaming in general to how Nintendo will perform.

      Similarly would be wary of GameStop. Too uncertain if PS4 or Nextbox limit used, and like all retailers competing with Amazon etc. just gets harder and harder. The popularity of digital is growing as well and that really hurts used game sales as well. I don't follow them so may be opportunities but long-term I have trouble believing they will thrive.

    • Ya I got opinions :) of course they are just opinions. I dont invest in video game stocks I trade them. I invest in blue chip stocks with high yields. I trade video game stocks because because unlike most stocks you can hope to make an educated guess based on the huge online communities devoted to video games. The moods and trends of gamers can sometimes be seen online before it shows up in the stock price. Here is where I see things as of today but things change pretty fast.

      NTDOY- Its hard to say sell when the stock is at not just a 52 week low but also a many year low. I think it will trade in the 10-14 range for a long time. Cant see what will move this up much near term but after all the bad news the past few weeks it could be close to a short term bottom. Keep an eye on the weekly sales charts and NPD in a few weeks. If they continue to get worse then it could keep dropping. If I owned it I guess I would hold it but I would be watching close.

      SNE- Ten days until the big playstation unveiling. The online hype is strong for Sony right now. Google "Spec analysis: Durango vs. Orbis" to see the specs for the next X-box and PS4. They will be close but the PS4 will have more "power". This is getting the online gaming forums in favor of Sony right now. SNE has a lot of problems outside the gaming division but this could be a trade going into the Feb 20th unveling. Wish I knew more about the other aspects of Sony but I still might gamble on it this week if it drops anymore.

      MSFT- As the hype has turned to Sony the past few days online it has come at X-box expense. Some of the rumors has it that the x-box will always need to be connected to the internet and will not be able to play used games. Of course everything is still pretty much rumors at this point. With windows 8 being less than great by many accounts I would want nothing to do with MSFT right now.

      AMD- Could be the real winner out of all the video game stocks. They make the GPU for the WiiU. And if you believe the specs for the X-box/PS4 they will be making the CPU and GPU for those also. I got in at $2.05 a few months back when a source I trust leaked that AMD won the contract for all 3 consoles. These wont be huge profit parts for AMD but should help the bottom line. I also hope for a pop once the rumored specs become confirmed AMD parts. Would love to get out well over 3 for a greater than 50% score in only a few months. One can dream right?

      GME- Could not be more bearish on a stock than GME. Not just the rumors that 1 or more consoles might block used games I also think a higher % of games will be downloaded soon. With rumored large hard drives in the new xbox/ps4 downloading games direct from the maker could cut into GMEs bottom line. If you were EA or ATVI and had a choice to sell games on the internet or print, ship and give part of the profit to GME or WMT what would you choose?

      Disclaimers: Long AMD so take that with a grain of salt. Also taking advice from someone on a yahoo message board is pretty crazy. Get on the video game sites and do your own research.

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