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  • watchtower_il watchtower_il Mar 9, 2000 7:30 AM Flag

    Big Y - excellent news

    this installation is demonstrating posi's
    innovation in the marketplace.

    the new product
    enables tight contacts between the grocery and its
    clients... i believe it will soon be a winning

    I assume we'll soon be over the 30s

    Good luck,

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    • encryption ....end to end financial
      architecture internet based
      Point of sale "POSPAY" with
      Packard ."
      IFSH likely partner's : INTF
      MGIC ,
      IBM , Chase , Wells Fargo
      etc etc
      etc .
      If you can put 2&2
      and or you can interpret chart
      patterns you'd be
      buying IFSH
      like crazy .

    • This systyem of a customer touch screen monitor will not work. I dought it will last 6 months. Nice Idea it is just not practical.

      • 4 Replies to supermarketinvestor
      • When I first read about the touch screen monitor
        at the checkout, I actually thought about selling.
        But then I kept reading the press release. While the
        screen thing is a novelty, there's much more to the
        system. It analyzes trends and creates customer profiles,
        and is more employee friendly. That is where POSI
        makes a difference.

        Also, think about the
        customer in a checkout line. They're just standing there,
        watching their items being rung up. That's a captive
        audience. Think about counter ads: Jiff ads appear when
        your Skippy is scanned. Pathmark has been doing
        counter coupons for several years now, where coupons for
        a competitor spit out on a separate paper alongside
        the receipt.

        POSI's product does the

        - creates novelty traffic into the store
        reduces cashier training time
        - allows supermarket to
        sell ad space
        - provides quicker inventory
        trending, allowing for more efficient ordering

        a retailer's perspective, it could help squeeze a
        little more out of very tight margins.


      • This technology will enable the groceries to
        accumulate data and information regarding their loyal
        customers. By leveraging its technology, POSI is entering
        into the online grocery-clients domain, and not only
        the grocery-suppliers arena. Actually, we can see
        here a wised strategy by offering the groceries wide
        range of online capabilities and solutions. These
        solutions will be first adopted by the innovators segment
        (such as Big Y), and soon (sooner than we assume) by
        the main stream of the market. It can be also said
        that POSI is entering into the huge eCRM market
        (Customer Relationship Management capabilities through the

        Soon, POSI will popup under the radar screen of the MMs

        Take care,

      • Why won't it work? I think many tech-savvy
        shoppers will like the ability to check things like the
        status of their frequent shopper account while their
        current purchases are being scanned. Those that don't
        like just won't use it.

        No one else offers this
        capability. It's a new concept. You might be right, but you
        might be wrong. You've got to admire POSI's creativity.
        They're not limiting themselves and their customers to
        what others can do and have done.

        Keep it up
        POSI! You're leading the way now. Don't let the old
        economy's old thinking limit us.

      • dought?

    • obvious correlation here...the beauty is you have
      the opportunity to take advantage of the correlation
      during the day...the adjustment from TASE result the day
      before is not made at the beginning of the day here

      sunday closes on TASE down 4%
      monday closes on nasdaq
      down 4%

      monday closes on TASE down
      tuesday currently down on nasdaq 10%

      closes on TASE down 4%
      wednesday up on nasdaq
      (big Y news came out causing discrep in

      wednesday closes on TASE up 7.5%
      thursday currently up
      on nasdaq 7.5%

      i may run some
      the results

      go POSI