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  • sundaycouchpotato10 sundaycouchpotato10 Dec 10, 2002 3:20 PM Flag

    Good news!!

    I would really like to know if anyone
    has heard rumor of anything "good" happening
    in this company. ANYTHING? Bumping the gm
    base rate is good, but most of the gm's never
    get close. And it wasn't a gesture of gratitude, guys, or merit, but to keep you from
    leaving. You cant buy respect, BF.
    Seriously, lets try to post some good things.
    I am going to try to find some.
    How many partners are in Atlanta?
    How many Gm's make 45k?
    How many of the units have combined mgmt.
    experience of over 10 yrs.?
    < why this is important, is managers
    < push and teach managers. Not sure
    < how I would react to some of the mgrs
    < running the units telling me how
    to run my shift.
    Is this rocket science?, How many processes
    do you need to know it is suicide to lose
    the morale, and respect of your team?

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    • That would be it Acid. Only talked to three managers, a couple were held by the credit union, the last, as best as I can remember was turned over to an officer, but as I said earlier my memory isn't that good, and the managers seem to disappear. You think that might have anything to do with settlements and nondisclosure clauses??

      You would think I'd at least get that dinner that David H. owes me. LOL.

    • Are you referring to the stock purchased in order for a manager to become a "managing partner"?

      I never saw the value in being a managing partner myself, the bonus structure seemed to slant more in favor of managers who were not managing partners. I think the whole managing partner concept was simply a relic of the days when the Pepsi people were walking the halls.

    • Actually I seem to remember it happened totally contrary to what should have happened.

      Problem is I'm not sure if its old age making my memory spotty. Always had a photographic memory, just loaded it with bad film.

    • This will not work. On_thesideline knows about this. Keep trying.

    • I got some great news for you! Ruby's is kicking all the poor managers to the curb and getting good ones in to run great units. I fricking hate it when I go to get some lettuce and it is all rotten on the salad bar. As always I try to find a manager but they are either sitting at the bar or out back smoking!

      Happy Fricking New Year!

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      • Great thinking Bill, Get rid of them all. Hell you dont have to suggest it , it is already happening. You are right everyone that got fired, quit or whatever suxed ass!!Not one of the past GM's, Partners or DO's deserved the quality of life Bart Fricks offers. I agree 100%, it is Ruby Tuesday first and then staffing, Norms,Numbers, kissing ass and then you can find time for your family. Hell , that is what got Bart to the top! Along with Lenny and all of his neighbors. Stress/Bill you are so smart. Please tell us more, please please please.Hell at the rate they pay bonus , stock should shoot way up in the new year. Who is tracking GM turnover anyway?? I think this number will also raise the stock price. Shoot Bill with your thinking, you better buy,buy,buy..Get in early and make that cash. I spoke to a GM the other day and he is pretty sure he is getting fired come the new year. How about that for quality of life. Bill you are right , he is serving bad lettuce. Shit that 3 star can get pulled out of MIT 3 weeks early and run that store. Thanks Bill for your insite. And to answer last weeks question as to "WHo is Bill"...He is NO ONE! See all of the Gathers at the meeting and we get bigger every day.

    • Hi Sunday. A really good question for anyone who is working with attorneys to ask is exactly how do they book the managers purchase of stock. If an employee buys stock and Ruby's takes the stock how is it treated. Is it treated as a reduction of compensation expense like that old breakfast place back in the early eighties? In that instance the company was posting earnings using such shenigans.

      Out of town, but will check in every now and then.

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      • Sideline,

        If I'm not mistaken, I don't think there is anything to book on management purchase of stock. I believe the managers purchase the stock on the open market and tender it to be held in trust. (I believe the credit union holds the stock certs).

        I can say a lot of good things about Ruby Tuesday. I worked for Morrison/Ruby's for many years and met many good people. It was a
        great experience working there. It's a tough business to work in and you can deal with some tough people. The increasing litigious nature of our society is making it even tougher as everyone wants to sue rather than take responsibility for their actions.

        Take Care all!!!!

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