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  • wisdomseekerx wisdomseekerx May 10, 2005 3:57 PM Flag

    I like the new menu

    I think the new menu has possibilities. At least they are trying things. Who know, it might work.

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    • I to worked for Ruby�s in Maryville and can first hand attest to your comments about the megalomaniacs that run rough shot over the masses. They talk about taking care of their people only when the people are there. When there not there they could care less. I�m sure you remember the old saying painted on the walls in the training room �if your not taking care of the guest, you better be taking of someone who is�. I have heard from a few �lifers� that are still there that it�s become nothing more than a paycheck.

      It�s gone so bad over there that I can�t help but thank god that I got out.

      Good bye Ruby Tuesday��.

    • Sounds like someone is a little bruised...... I have a friend who is a Director for them in the Carolinas. He is not happy at all, I think he is interviewng with Red Robin and Applebees right now. The biggest complaint is his quality of life - he works like 80 hours a week and never sees his family. You are right it is always about wall street with public companies. Thats why we invest in them........


    • Hey Ruby Tuesday Managers: I am sure you heard the magic "raise" date is June. Why does Ruby Tuesday always have to wait until the Management in the stores gets shakey and unhappy with the situations and the poor decision making from Marryville before they take care of you. Ruby Tuesday is a confused concept that knew it could not compete with Chilis and Applebees and raised its prices and image to try a new niche - It did not work. Yes you have a great salad bar - Who cares only 35% of your guest eat it and thats only as an attractve add-on for $2.29. The managers work their butts off while they go through the mindless changes that are made up in Maryville. Beleive me I know I worked there. It is a place where its always a battle between training, operations, image, technology, and a battle for the new cubicl or office. Remember the new bonus plan that is sales driven. Sales Does not mean perfromance especially when you open one on top of the other in the same market place. Good Luck Ruby's - Im am sure Sandy is sending out another news break to the units about the economy. The Economy is fine in the Brinker and Apllebees worlds.

      Never buy Stock in a Company where the middle managers (G.M.'s and Directors) are always on thin ice and can not figure out their role. I think its time to change if you are one of those managers. Go to work for a company that will pay you what you ar worth, there are no stock options any more for managers, just support center hard working pencil pushers.

      See Ya Marryville!

    • He would be the aforementioned little person.

    • So whose running the training department these days? What is Max P. doing?

      It's like a soap opera over in Maryville and it would be funny if it weren't happening in real life.

    • And as further proof of Huey's level of evil, he doesn't like children or old people. However, he does have an affinity for Dwarves. In fact he promoted one to run the training department!!!

    • Not just Huey but Bart as well and a few others. Huey is quite the little piece of work, a so-called "man" wiling to sacrifice his own family into exile in Detroit as corporate punishment just to be the perfect "Company Man".

      What kind of "man" makes his own family suffer just to suck up to the boss? Huey was a failure as a DO and an RM yet he excells at sticking his tongue so far up the anus of corporate leadership that his levels of failure matter none. Morale or the lack there of rests on the shoulders of Robbie and if nothing is done about it then it becomes Sandy's fault.

      As you said, "Anyway, this company is terrific and will once again produce terrific results." Perhaps but not until the CEO and the Board get off their fat asses and get back to the basics. Right now, they're not even close.

      Adios Rob!!!!!!!

    • By the way, does anyone know what happened to Collin Cope? It was widely thought that he was the heir apparent. What is he doing know and how did he lose power? Was it that he seriously screwed up Ohio or did he say something stupid in an executive meeting? And does anyone know what happened to the marketing guy that was banging his staff? Is he still around?

    • Lets move on from personal attacks. We need to move on to the more important business of getting CPO Baby Huey removed from power.

      Huey, I would invite you once again to tell this board what you have done to make this company better. Tell us just one contribution.

      Anyway, this company is terrific and will once again produce terrific results. However, Sandy needs to hurry up and get rid of Huey to get those results quicker.

      Huey, it is just a matter of time.

    • you are a true idiot since you are comparing two stocks based on today's share pricing. you should compare ri to dri last year when dri was in the 20. dri made mistakes and recovered from it and hope the best for them. ri did their mistake and they will recover. check out the 5 years comparison between the two stocks and they are neck to neck. i actually expect better from dri since they have a lot more capital to invest.

      you also need to check the profit margins of dri and ri. dri is less than 10% and ri is about 14%. i am counting on you knowing what profit margins are you piece of shit. it is easy to make sales when you give stuff for free but will not last for long.

      please do not sell your ri stocks since you will affecting the buying power of toilet papers in one store of one minute. please do not hurt them.

      check this grammar for me: kess mi ess you idiot asshole.

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