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  • cabaretvolt cabaretvolt Aug 21, 2008 12:32 PM Flag

    Food Prices to Post Biggest Rise Since 1990

    U.S. consumers should brace for the biggest increase in food prices in nearly 20 years in 2008 and even more pain next year due to surging meat and produce prices, the Agriculture Department said on Wednesday.

    Food prices are forecast to rise by 5 percent to 6 percent this year, making it the largest annual increase since 1990. Just last month, USDA forecast food prices would climb between 4.5 and 5.5 percent in 2008.

    booooyah!!!, lol enjoying this lovely drop are we? cha ching

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    • oh that's right had me forgetting you're a trader... that whole nirvana balance sheet story you bring up every other post

    • ????

      I said I took a QID position.

    • i hope you at least took some of your own advice and shorted the same dead cat bounce that scared you away

    • been making money on rt all week, and don't even pretend to know my positions on rt... although you've already tried to start down that self-delusional trail already but you obviously know how doomed i thing rt is and you already know i told ya'll a while back get ready to load up.... you do the math

    • I'm glad you were right in the past, because you haven't shown any ability to be right recently.

    • you must have absolutely zero memory you can certainly verify through yahoo's history about how i preparing to short this dead cat bounce, and believe me that process is in full force across many sectors, rt just so happened to have fallen w/i the radar, lucky you.... fortunately i was long from oil $51 way back and short all the financials housing related for about 8 months while you were filling your face and driving your rustangs that noone cares to hear about... people like yourself were on boards w/ the permabear propaganda for a good year and half, and in that time, well use your imagination... so go back to your redneck micro trend trades and your wwf

    • What's funny is that while you're a fixated perma-bear, you've been wrong about the markets.

      As I said a while back, there are no minor leagues in this game. I've told you the macro-story that will support the micro-story... show me a post where I've been wrong.

      Meanwhile, you continue to tout a short position to the tune of a LOSS of 60% as I type.

      Good luck on figuring this thing out...

      Oh... and I don't have any 5.0s.

    • the scary thing about you is i'm actually beginning to believe you might believe the crap you're shoveling, lol... oh yeah i'm sure you're little treatise was in direct response to my comment about your obvious trepidations regarding rt upward stock movement... basically you're a whats up must come down, and whats down must go up day trader w/o absolute willful ignorance about macro trends and forces, which is fine for a day to day trader which you are just that you don't wanna own up to it... meanwhile you make reference to new cars and 5.0 slow rustang collections, lol... now riddle me this, what were those tidbits in response to? lol wanker

    • I don't need to give advice... I'm just saying what works for me and how I make a living, since you had questioned my trading patterns...

    • are you pretending to give stock picking advice, i know that's how you like to hear yourself sound that much is quite apparent... i'm glad you're back in though i'm happy to hear that much, more sucker americans

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