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  • Drv2w9iputter Drv2w9iputter Apr 20, 2009 1:48 PM Flag

    Any real investors in this stock

    Are there any adults investors on this board in RT or just the usual young boys and girls playing make believe with all their spouting off with no backup facts for their posts? It's almost becoming impossible to use the Yahoo stock message area with all the kids that play on here.

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    • I saw one once in 2008

    • So, stock price itself chose to decide who won. :-)

      Again, not a basher. Just a realistic person. You should have taken your profits when stock hit the 8 resistance mark.

      Hope the rest of you watching this thread did and are having fun shorting this one back to $1. :-)

      Good luck.

    • Seriously!!

    • Another day of massive inside buys. How long can they keep it going.

    • I will keep shorting. Yahoo remains a 1 Year price target of $4.49. We go down in May....

    • OK...the "dump" starts....NOW.


      Wait for it...NOW.

      Damn this stock and its always going up. Frustrating, huh shorts?

      Tell you dump is going to start shortly. I can feel my morning constitutional coming on as we speak.

      I assume this is the "dump" you are referring to...because this confounded stock just won't go DOWN.

      I'll tell when the stock will go down...when you folks stop shorting it and give up. Until then...I want to personally thank all the shorts who have padded my wallet. Keep just means deferred returns for longs when you have to cover at higher prices.



    • I can't speak to much beyond the burgers, but I thought the burgers were actually pretty good. The fancy triple primes are real good. My wife like the turkey burger as well.

      Honestly though...I would guess the rest of the menu is on par with the Applebees and Chilis of the world. It's not Spiaggia...let's be clear...but it is what it is, and there is a market for the food.



    • the dump starts today...... $5 soon

    • Happy to:

      1) 8 million+ people out of a job, you are undercounting. However, that means over 100 million folks still have jobs. I have a job, and I actually still occasionally eat out. Shocking, I know...but let's use our heads here.

      2) Company is generating $1.65 a year in cash flow after capex. That's about $80-$90 million a year in FCF. Now, that's not as good as it used to be...but at an economic nadir...they could paydown all their debt in 6 years if the economy doesn't improve at all over that time period.

      3) How about thinking about it this way...stock went from $8 to $1 on bankruptcy fears from September 2008 to March 2009 (I was in the stock the whole way down, and averaged down mightily). EXCEPT...this company was never going bankrupt. How about looking at this stock as FLAT with September 2008 depressed pricing.

      It was down 90% in less than 4 months...800% just erases the loss that was ficitional.

      This isn't rocket science folks...

      Barrons just said PF Changs and CAKE look overvalued, but noted that bulls say cash flow multiples of 10x or less in the space make it very attractive.

      At $8, RT trades for about 5x cash flow.

      Guess where the PF Chang and CAKE traders are going this morning.

      I've seriously answered your questions. I win.



    • Not to hamper your extreme enthusiasm for this stock. But try and answer the following for me. I am NOT bashing, just using a contrarian approach here.

      1) Job losses climbing every month. 6 Million out of job. People trying hard to meet their needs. Why would anyone go out and eat at RT?
      2) Company barely has any cash left. Which means, any further downside in economy and RT would just go bankrupt. Anyone has any other thoughts, please do share.
      3) Stock has gone from sub $1 to $8 in a couple of months on what again??? Nothing changed with regards to the company itself. I know stock was oversold and had to go up. But 800% in 1 month???? I wouldn't be a buyer here.

      Please share your thoughts.

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