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  • g0ldenbear g0ldenbear Aug 14, 2009 1:24 AM Flag

    Insider Buying

    15-Oct-08 GRANT KIMBERLY
    Officer 2,150 Direct Purchase at $2.68 per share. $5,762

    Officer 6,833 Direct Sale at $7.93 per share.

    Gee whiz, looks like Kymberly is a pretty savvy trader...but if Kymberly had held on for just two more months, she could have enjoyed long-term capital gains tax treatment. Instead, she paid all that extra tax to uncle same (how charitable!) I wonder why she couldn't wait just two months?

    I bet if she felt comfortable that the stock was going to be higher, then she would have waited. Just my opinion..what do you think?

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    • "And that, douchebag, is the last you will ever hear from me." If that were only true it would be cause for celebration. Instead, I have to continue spanking you (on a side note, the correct term is douche bag - it's 2 words honey. You use it a lot, so use it correctly please.)

      I told you that you still wouldn't feel that you measured up to me no matter how many times you called me names. It hurts doesn’t it sweetie? You feel so powerless, I know honey. Take my advice and get help.

      Why is it always the cowardly little ones that accuse others of being cowards? Once again, you cannot drag anyone (me in particular) down to your perceived level by name calling. You sit anonymously at your computer and hurl insults. Then you thump your chest and declare that you “have balls”. When I was a child here in Pittsburgh, we used to throw snowballs at cars then run and hide. It was a cowardly act, but we learned and grew and became men and put aside childishness. You can do the same honey.

      No definition of courage includes taking foolish and unnecessary risks. I have a sound financial plan and don’t need it. Yes, I was once a financial professional, that’s why it was so easy to see through your masquerade. I had a Series 7 and 66 licenses. No more, and if I did, the NASD would take issue with me posting here. I am no longer associated with any broker dealer or financial institution, except as a client. So yes, I have far more knowledge and expertise than you. I have experience and most importantly, I have dignity. You earlier mistook my dignity for pomposity. Those who lack dignity often fail to recognize or understand it.

      Your true failure is that you feel the need to encourage others to play chicken with the train.

    • LOL...well, one more message, and then you get ignored, because you truly are worthless...I mean, you say absolutely NOTHING about this stock. All you do is attack posters. I went back and skimmed your posts going back to Dec 2008 on RT (and the few you post on the Ameriprise board...makes me think you are an advisor at that piece of shit bucket shop. it now).

      You know what your real problem seems to be...besides your ridiculous level of arrogance (probably the reason you are so delusional)? The fact that you've watched RT go down to below $1.00 in early 2009, and you clearly did not buy and missed what had to be the easiest fucking money I've ever seen, because you are familiar with the product, and you sat idly by and called it a bad investment. You called it extremely risky then, and you call it extremely risky now. LOL. You attacked posters then, and you attack posters now, and you don't put a thought on the actual STOCK out there, then or now.

      Now I see why you are so defensive.'s because you missed what had to be the easiest 800% return in 6 months I've ever seen. Congrats, Jimmy. To think, you've watched this since DECEMBER 2008, AT LEAST!

      And that, douchebag, is the last you will ever hear from me.

      You simply don't merit a conversation, because you don't have the fucking balls to pull the trigger on 800% return. At least the shorts, for as wrong as they've been, have balls. They put their money where their mouth is...and those are the only people I care to associate myself with. If you think RT is a bad investment, I DARE YOU TO SHORT IT RIGHT NOW, PUSSY.

      You won''ll just sit here and harangue posters trying to make heads or tails of this investment...putting ideas out there looking for TANGIBLE feedback on why they might be wrong. But not you. It's much easier to sit on your fat Pittsburgh ass and pick fights with posters. Got it.

      To the ignore bin. Like I said, your 15 minutes are over. The world only cares about performers, not critics. Adios, Jim G. the Ameriprise broker in Pittsburgh. Keep pumping the shit you sell down your customers' throats and lining your pockets.

      Raven out.

    • Let’s forget about RT for this post. I am worried about you Raven honey. Please find a mental health facility and seek professional help. Mental illness is a impossible to self diagnose and treat. Once again, please read what you have written. If you cannot see that you are losing your grip, then things are worse than even I thought. You have a much deeper than normal need to "be right". It indicates a deep and profound fear that you think you don't measure up to the other girls. I fear that this could manifest in even uglier behavior than you have demonstrated thus far.

      The attempt to drag others into your sordid world of insults and bile is most worrisome. You will never succeed in providing yourself with the recognition and self assurance that you severely lack and crave by trashing others. You must earn it! Insulting others won’t drag them down to your perceived level nor will it satisfy your desire to feel more worthy. Nor will exaggerated self praise fill the void in your psyche. The most self-destructive practice is for you to engage in fantasy and imagine yourself as a corporate board member or as a financial professional. You need to build your self worth through your own accomplishments and achievements. Live your life in the world of reality. Respect is not given but earned. You can start earning some respect by respecting others. See how easy it can be! Then as you mature and grow as a woman and you work hard, achievement and recognition will come your way. That will build your self-esteem. No matter how many times you type “LOL” or call someone a “@#$%”, it will never overcome your feeling of inadequacy and make you feel good about yourself. If you don’t do something about your own low self-esteem, you will continue see the success of others as something out of your reach and continue your spiral downward into the world of insanity.

      I care about everyone and I try to help whenever I can. It goes back to my days as a Cub Scout and the oath I took. I know that in your current mental state, you can’t understand what I’ve said to you in this post. So I say this from the heart, with your best interest in mind honey, find a sincere and dedicated mental health professional to work with you. Print out what you have posted and take it with you as a starting point for discussion with your therapist.

    • So this is all the board gets from your pompous ass?

      "Now, once again, my position on RT; It is not my original idea. RT is an extremely volatile investment. It is suitable only for those who have a high tolerance for risk. Someone in my age group with my investment goals should avoid it (and I think almost everyone should avoid it). When markets go up, as they have generally these last few months, RT will out perform the market. This is why you have the mistaken notion that you are some sort of prophet. In a down market, it will also go down faster. The run up in the markets have provided you with the illusion that you are gifted."

      So I'm wrong and RT is a bad investment because some old asshole thinks it's too risky for him? That's all you have, huh? It's not overvalued? You just think it's too risky because the stock goes up and down too fast for your old balls? So that makes the Raven is a naive little asshole for proffering a real argument on why it's a buy? Dude...let me say something that I'm sure everyone that knows you thinks daily: GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.

      I'm not right because it went up...the whole market went up. I'm right because it went up FAR faster than the market, and it constitutes an outsized portion of my portfolio...THAT'S WHY I'M CORRECT. And I'm also right because it will go down FAR SLOWER than the S&P if the broad market takes a header. Why? Because its real cash flow right now is sitting at a trough (and so is its multiple), and now morons like you may even see that this company is not going out of business.

      Jim G., you are an arrogant, misogynistic prick, as you clearly think calling me "her" or "she" constitutes a dig. LOL. Old fucking man. We need you morons to just die off. So sick of your biases. I don't care if you think I'm a man or woman. I think you are a complete douchebag...MAN OR WOMAN.

      You are worthless, and your 15 minutes with me are up. Risk is in the eye of the beholder. I think RT is among the LEAST risky stocks in the whole market, given its low multiple and nowhere-to-go-but-up cash flow. But then, I don't have the wisdom that you and your dogshit portfolio have. I'll bet you are still down since September 2008, probably significantly. LOL. Yep...those conservative investments are doing well for you. I'm not, but what does this punk ass kid know anyhow except how to make money in a shit market finding vastly undervalued stocks.

      Last post to you, asshole. You have to be one of the most arrogant pieces of shit I've come across on a message board. Most are just stupid loud are a very rare moronic loud mouth with absolutely no concept of just how pompous you sound.

      I'll just keep making money here while you stay on the sidelines with your "target age" BS Funds.



    • Raven, I think your innocence and your passion for RT is adorable honey. Passion is almost always an admirable trait. One of the most deadly traits novice investors like you have is passion for a particular security. Citrix Systems, HP, Sterling Software and Oracle taught me this lesson long ago. Raven, going on with you has reminded me of my mindset when I was dangerously inexperienced and believed myself to be on a higher intellectual plane than those around me and those who came before me. When I saw huge run ups in the value of stocks that I owned, I thought I was the only one who was right too. One important difference between us however, I have the benefit of parents and grandparents that taught me respect, manners and civility. Are you a huge disappointment to your mother or was she a rude, ignorant trash talking lady like yourself? Or did you not have the benefits of a loving family to teach you how to interact in polite society?

      Your continuous claim to original thought is testament to your ignorance. Neither you nor I has ever been blessed with an original thought. Newton, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Franklin and Napoleon were original thinkers. We, sadly, are ordinary and there is no shame there. This is an important lesson for you sweetie, and learn it you will (I like that sentence structure because it sounds like Yoda).

      Now, once again, my position on RT; It is not my original idea. RT is an extremely volatile investment. It is suitable only for those who have a high tolerance for risk. Someone in my age group with my investment goals should avoid it (and I think almost everyone should avoid it). When markets go up, as they have generally these last few months, RT will out perform the market. This is why you have the mistaken notion that you are some sort of prophet. In a down market, it will also go down faster. The run up in the markets have provided you with the illusion that you are gifted.

      Now, honey, I’m going to offer you a way out of your predicament. Since I started pointing out your folly, you have become increasingly shrill and frustrated. The angrier you get, the easier it has become to demonstrate your foolishness and inexperience. You are a Double A pitcher against an experienced big league hitter. I keep whacking your trash out of the park. I enjoy it to a point, but that it becomes too predictable and easy. Honestly honey, your posts are starting to sound quite insane! Go back and read them. You’re losing your marbles. I should have ignored you, but for some reason, when I see someone behave as badly as you, I feel the need to get involved. Here is the way out for you; continue to post in here, use a civil tongue, refrain from insult, show respect for the ideas of others and make dispassionate arguments. I will refrain from verbally spanking you and will not reply to your posts. It would also go a long way in your maturation process to apologize to all the good people you have needlessly insulted.

      Reply to this with one simple sentence, “I agree and I am sorry”. Post this and I will stop tormenting you.

    • <YAWN>

      I'm just asking you to formulate a bear case that makes sense. All you do is attack my posts, but if someone followed your advice since we first started sparring 2 weeks ago, they would have missed out on a nearly $2 move in RT shares...

      I'm waiting. You and your work buddy...why don't you post something useful?


    • Exhibit C is further demonstration of Raven's childishness and irrationality. First is her uncontrolled outburst of anger, a common theme in her recent posts. “I know this is WAAAAAAYYYY over your head, but now...either you post something of value...OR SHUT THE @#$% UP”, she screeches. Observe her inability to direct her arguments in a dispassionate and intellectual fashion. Evident here is also the implied threat that she will somehow enforce her assumed ability to silence her intellectual and moral superiors. Here again, she fails in her attempt to draw an adult into an angry engagement with her. This leads further to her feeling of powerlessness. Lashing out as children often do, she resorts to name calling. When this fails, she sinks further and tries another implied threat by exposing the adult’s name and place of residence. Failing still, she resorts to chest thumping, bragging that she works in the supermarket as a “stock pro” and that she uses techniques that stock pros use. Experts say that from a clinical point of view, these traits are often exhibited by immature little girls and usually mitigate as the subject gains experience and maturity. This is not an immutable fact by any means, as this subject has demonstrated paranoid tendencies as well.

      Another disturbing aspect of her posts is the Walter Mitty like flights of fantasy. “I sit on these boards and do nothing but spam”, She begins. Here she is trying to suggest that she is a member of more than one corporate boards of directors. The informed observer realizes that the boards she sits on are more likely to give her splinters than a cushy office with an important sounding title. She goes on, “it's always wrong to be a cheerleader, but it's JUST FINE to trash a stock like every other poster on this board has done. And most do so because they are like you...without an original thought in the head”. This says far more about the poster’s tenuous hold on her sanity than anything the author could possibly say.

      UPDATE: I was just about to post this when my colleague pointed out that Raven’s use of the term “stock pro” above was an attempt to claim that she was a financial professional rather than the highly more likely position of supermarket employee. I apologize for missing this fanciful creation of her fertile young mind. I hope the reader can understand how the author missed this one.

    • An emotional cheerleader. LOL. Yeah, I sit on these boards and do nothing but spam "RT TO $100!!!!!!"

      Of course, it's always wrong to be a cheerleader, but it's JUST FINE to trash a stock like every other poster on this board has done. And most do so because they are like you...without an original thought in the head.

      No, if you go back and start reading my posts on this only need go back to mid March, by the way...when I started posting about how stupidly cheap this company was at $'ll see that whatever it is you want to call, YOU CAN'T CALL ME WRONG. In fact, I'm actually making money on the FIRST batch of RT shares I bought last September in the low $8 range. LOL. Let's just say I did some heavy averaging down, because unlike everyone else, I never lost my head when the market lost its.

      So...time to put up or shut up, Jim G. from Pittsburgh, because I'm sick of your eloquent gas. All you do is attack my posts that posit REAL valution techniques used by stock pros...I am one of those, by the way, in my day job. Your ONE argument has been that fanny count is way down at RT, and that is the key investment metric. I'd challenge you to explain how that FACT is NOT already discounted in the stock, which used to trade for $30/share as recently as 3 years ago. The stock has discounted a nearly 70% decline in cash flow. According to MY model on RT, they'll do close to $100-$110 million in FREE cash flow in fiscal 2010 with a 3% decline in same store sales, and that's my WORST case scenario. Best case is that SS actually grows a bit in the 2H10, and they eek out a slight bit of revenue growth for the year.


      And even if they don't, and SS runs in the -5% range for all of 2010, I think they'll do at least $70 million in free cash flow. On 65 million shares outstanding, roughly, that's about $1.08 a share. Even with the stock at $9, that's less than 9x FREE CASH FLOW. Flip that around, it's an 11% yield.

      I know this is WAAAAAAYYYY over your head, but now...either you post something of value...OR SHUT THE FUCK UP. You need to SHOW me how this stock is OVERVALUED. And by showing me, I need you to compare the valuation metrics of this stock versus its peer group. I'll let you define the peer group.

      I am not a mindless cheerleader, jackass. But you are a mindless pessimist, which makes you a fucking Republican. I'm an investor who has made a ton of money in this stock, and who STILL THINKS IT'S UNDERVALUED.


    • As I said in previous posts that are still available for all to read, you are an emotional cheerleader for RT. Your decision making is not based on sound analysis and good judgment, but emotion. You exercise reverse analysis, where you make a decision then find random data to support your pre-ordained conclusion. I strongly suggested that you had some insider connection. I enter your post as Exhibit A. It is unquestionable proof of everything that I have said about your judgment, intellect and your fitness as a financial advisor.

      Just for the record (not that any of this has any bearing on the issue at hand), I voted for Obama, have plenty of rifles, am a card carrying liberal and think the US has its best days in front of it. Also, honey, I have never yelled at you nor will I ever. As I matured, I learned losing emotions sometimes made me look like a fool. If you ever grow from the petulant little girl that you are into a mature woman, you will be able to see what a fool you have made of yourself here.

      The woman seated next to me in that picture is not my wife. I would be very fortunate to have her as a wife however. Your attacks on her reflect your cowardess, boorishness and the shallowness of your character.

    • Naturally, I'm correct yet again. S&P 500 hit 666.79 on March 6th...intraday low, but was also the lowest point of the selloff. God damn I'm good.

      Look it up, douchebag. It closed that day at 683. Of course, to a moron, the close is the only thing that matters, right? Intraday is meaningless.

      Unfortunately, to people like me...INTRADAY COUNTS.

      Now, follow the markets more closely, and then you may speak to me.


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