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  • sometraderman sometraderman Nov 4, 2009 11:49 PM Flag

    racoon raven, how goes it? u tansfer ur 401k

    , well if you had one like you suggested for others to do. so how is that going for you? just got home from vegas and it is nice to see shorts are in style! i also c you have not been pumping, is something wrong? ur mom turn off the dial up, only able to use ur friends access.... lol have fun basement boy!!!!!!!

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    • Aw shucks Cupcake, I was in New York last week, sorry I missed you. You should be careful about punching a man honey, you might break a nail. Have you ever actually punched anyone sweetie, or is this another example of your fantasies from behind the keyboard? Let me guess, in addition to being a “stock pro”, a world class real estate agent, the only one who has ever been right in the message board ever, and self-proclaimed genius, you are an ex-navy seal and Tae Kwon Do black belt. You can probably reach right through my internet connection and deliver a lethal blow or use your mind control to cause me to cease breathing, but you’re giving me one more chance to invest every penny I have in RT. I’m having chest pains just thinking about the violence you might do me should I refuse you sugar plum.

      Get back on your medication sweet pea.

    • Back to the ignore bin, jackass. For as smart as you think you have absolutely NOTHING TO SAY.

      And you are a complete fucking retard. Keep pushing that shit Ameriprise product down your stupid investors throats and lining your pockets. That's ethical. If you are ever in NYC, let me know...and I'll punch in you face.

      Until then...adios, fuckstain.


    • You people really like this? LOL. I know who I'm dealing with. Children. Enjoy your shorts. It won't last long.

      And to the poster who went on about PBR...may I suggest that they are trying to go after a specific market...and that maybe you live near a whole bunch of white trash? I don't introspection, my friend. Ruby Tuesdays is still Ruby's not suddenly the Capital Grille.

      You people are just idiots. I may or may not post here again. No reason to. I'm dealing with morons. Deal with enough of them on the Street, don't need to deal with dumbasses on message boards.



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