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  • forget_ebay forget_ebay Dec 22, 2009 7:04 PM Flag

    I think This Company Will Go Broke


    I admire the owner who has upgraded these restaurants. He's been getting good p.r. on the news media lately - trying to pump him up. Obviously, he's a good guy.

    But, he blew it. He looked scared. Like a guy who can't get paid on his receivables.

    The tide is going out on the casual dining industry. The Dumbocraps have created a GREAT DEPRESSION...and the new healthcare taxes will sink everything very soon.

    Any disposable dollars are gone. I don't think Ruby Tuesday's can make it.

    Sorry. But, common sense says....its over.

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    • not so fast doomer

    • I am short of time today, so I don't have time to expose you for the jackass that you so obviously are. Even if I exposed you to the volumes of evidence that demonstrate that you live in a right-wing, factally challanged universe, it would be far above your ability to comprehend. Even another jackass like Larry King can see things more clearly than you. Take this question he posed to Dick Cheney:

      KING: "There are people I assume watching this interview right now, and people in this town who would say, why should we listen to you? And they would say that because of the context of the Bush administration numbers.

      They would say, you know, what did you do when you were in charge? And they have some numbers to back up their case. And I want to show some to our viewers. When you came to office, the unemployment rate in the country was 4.2 percent, when you left it was 7.6 percent. The number of Americans in poverty when you arrived: just under 33 million, over 37 million when you left. The number without health insurance: a little over 41 million when you came, over 45 million approaching 46 million when you left. And you came with a budget surplus of $128 billion and in the final year, the budget deficit was a record $1.3 trillion."

      In light of the massive body of evidence proving that Republican governance has devastated this economy, you blame the "dumbocrats" for the "GREAT DEPRESSION". This country is filled with people with intellegence and insight. Then there is the group you belong to, those lacking the most basic ability to process information and drawl logical conclusions from the facts.

      • 1 Reply to jamison59
      • Even my Father who who was a Republican Party member since I was born, left the party sometime during Clinton's first administration. It difficult for a thoughtful person who cares about the future of our country and what type of place their children and grandchildren will have to live and remain a member of the Republican Party.
        Republicans abhor Stem Cell Research, deny Global Warming as existing, would lease all the national wildlife reserves for oil drilling with little environmental oversight - if they could - would be looking for yet another war to start AND made us look like Bangladesh once did after Katrina, need I go on?

        I felt when W was in office that if they had their way the Rapepublicans (with their head stuck in the sand) would have eventually been ready to crucify any Newton or Copernicus and their scientific theories...without any sound logic or scientific evidence.

    • Attitudes like this "enlightened" gentleman will continue to drive this market higher.

      I suppose because of his dumbocraps, he's won't ever eat at a restaurant ever again.

      Thank god folks are still nervous about this market. Just means more outsized gains for me.

      Forget_ebay: I would recommend you sell every financial instrument you own, go buy yourself a nice gun, and find yourself a spacious cave. The DUMBOCRAPS are coming!! The DUMBOCRAPS are coming!!

      Yes, Republicans always hate new ideas. It's why it's the party of the scared.

      Thank god we have DUMBOCRAPS in office now...last time a Republican face a huge depression, he raised interest rates and created Hoovervilles.

      LOL...morons...SELL SELL SELL...I want your stupid cheap shares!!!



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