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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 May 26, 2011 4:31 PM Flag

    What Is Wrong With Ruby Tuesday

    First off, let me tell you that I don't own a single share of Ruby Tuesday. I also have not shorted a single share of Ruby Tuesday. I'm not coming here to tell you anything good or bad ... but ...

    I will you tell you that you had better take a trip to Ruby Tuesday - things have drastically changed in the last two weeks.

    If you want to know how things are going at a restaurant, simply look at the salad bar. That usually is a stores main attention grabber - people come back to a restaurant with a beautiful salad bar.

    6 months ago there were huge banners above the Ruby Tuesday salad bar announcing how they were adding 10 additional items. And they did. The store could not have been prouder ... and I've been paying $8.99 for a salad every week since then.

    But go look at the salad bar now. I'm not going to tell you what it looks like - go see for yourself. All that is left is a garden salad - nothing more.

    Go see what this corporation has done and then ask yourself whether you would pay $8.99 for that.

    I sent my concerns to Ruby Tuesday corporate. But I would recommend that you shareholders start becoming concerned with your investment. Sure it is only a salad bar - but that is what Ruby Tuesday does - if it can't sell a salad what are they going to be able to sell?

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    • There is still a Silver Spoon in Naples, FL. I ate there two weeks ago and the food and service was very good and reasonably priced. I also ate at Ruby's and the food was good, but not their service.

      However, the food quality and service at Bonefish and Carrabba's Italian Grill beats all the other chains, and I seek them out whenever I am traveling or in Naples. I only wish OSI group was a public company so I could buy some stock. These people know how to run a restaurant!

    • The failed concepts were not opened at former Ruby locations, were they ?

      RTs value is in its massive CASH FLOW.

      And the lower cost way of trying these new concepts gives them something else to try.

      The bottom line is Ruby Tuesday doesnt really differentiate themselves very well compared to many of their competitors.

      In my area anyway, they seem to be couponing heavily.

      I regularly get 25% off email coupons as well as BOGO by mail coupons. The BOGOs have a limit of $10 on the free one that didnt use to be there.

      Their promos probably vary by market depending on how their stores are doing.

      I havent been to a RT in years...but I own the stock. Bought at $5.06 and $3.51 and then failed to buy more under $1.

      Sold some at $7.73 & $10.97 and hold a small position...27% of my high in terms of # of shares.

      Im not wildly bullish on the company but I AM bullish that their cash flow will remain fairly consistent & predictable going forward.

      If the new concepts dont work, I could see them eventually paying out a healthy dividend.

    • us10yrtreasury Jun 3, 2011 3:45 PM Flag

      Bonefish hasn't gone under. L & N seafood and Silver Spoon did. Chipotle has not gone under, Tia's did. American Cafe gone. What you may have to look at is the company's success at opening new concepts. Remember they ditched opening new concepts years ago because they were unable to get it to work. What has changed in their company that allows them to be successful at it this time?

    • In reply to your concerns about salad bar..I've been to Rubys about 3 times in past month..My grandkids love shrimp and pasta and their entrees are very reasonable ..As for the salad bar, they and I find plenty to eat but added to a main course, I think its about $3.00..We have never gone hungry and on Fri and Sat and Sun, you have to wait a goodly time to be seated. However they do honor a call in and seat you very fast. They serve decent food at a reasonable price and speaking to folks as they leave, no one so far has been anything but pleased. Now as to investments..I have made $$ with CBRL , DRI and a few other mid-class dining establishments. I own RT for some time (anywhere between $8 and 10) sold some at $15, and am currently in a hold position. My take is that summer time is here, people are still eating reasonably priced food, and are doing some travel.RT should continue to be profitable, and with some effort hit the $15 mark again. Good luck to you ..Semper Fi

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      • us10yrtreasury Jun 2, 2011 11:56 AM Flag

        The problem with RT is it is a dying chain. They are trying desperately to change their existing units to other concepts like Jim n Nicks. The top brass realize their concept is dying. They ran off most their experienced leadership years ago to save money and now overall their concept is falling apart. A chain with a reasonable priced salad bar should be flourishing with the economy in the toilet, but they are struggling to keep their stores afloat. Investing is very risky when they are trying to change their existing units into better ideas altogether.

        Hooh rah

    • Burgers. Big fatty and jucy burgers...

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