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  • alpha_80_1999 alpha_80_1999 May 11, 2000 1:51 PM Flag

    Heard it through the grapevine

    that the posts on this board are quite the topic
    of conversation at MHI. I guess the benefits issue
    as relates to them got their attention. Maybe the
    accounting department can help us figure out some of these
    problems. I am sure that the entertainment factor alone
    should draw some comments. Ask the "twit", I'm sure she
    would have an opinion.

    Also, rumor has it that
    there may be an upper managment position available
    soon. Seems that sombody got homesick and may be going
    back to Mobile. What's the saying about a sinking

    Anybody care to place odds on exactly how many more
    "Consecutive" quarters there will be after the accounting
    issues become public knowledge?

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    • have qualified as the second smallest company I
      had worked for, and all the companies I worked for
      offerred stock options, stock purchase plans, LTPS (Long
      term performance shares), etc. and I participated in
      all of them.

      Stock options are not a bonus,
      they are an inducement to the executive to participate
      in the companies growth and along with appreciation
      of stock value enjoyed by shareholders.

      stock option plans use a five year vesting period, but
      almost always allow ten, I repeat ten, years from option
      grant to exercise. So once again, if you think the
      stock is a good value why exercise and sell now. Either
      Robert is thinking of leaving, has some severe cash
      need, or just thinks RI as an investment sucks when
      compared to other market investments. You decide.

    • Apparently you have never worked for a company
      where you've earned stock options. They do expire and
      you lose them or exercise them. Why not
      excercise/sell and take the bonus that you EARNED and treat
      yourself to that trip to Europe/new boat/hair

      If your company gave you a cash bonus, would you
      turn it down? Think of stock options the same

      Of Course, if an exec was dumping ALL his stock,
      then I would get worried. This doesn't worry me.

    • accounting method for inventory.

      If I buy
      goods at a $100, and receive an $8 discount, do they
      reflect the $8 in income, or in my inventory.

      they reflect it in income, is inventory overstated by
      the $8?

      And I ate at the Ruby's on Dauphin
      again, food was good, but that Margerita mix really
      sucks. Maybe they should borrow the recipe from Los
      Rancheros down the street. And for the price at Ruby's I
      will not be drinking there again anytime soon. Let me
      know if they fix the mix.

      P.S., I know the
      message board is read regulary, so Maureen in franchise
      accounting, you should really watch what you tell the twit,
      she has a big mouth.

      Good luck

    • don't cost anything, so why should you exercise IF YOU THINK THE STOCK IS GOOD VALUE?

      Of course if you don't have faith in your own company by all means unload as soon as possible.

    • But if you claim to be dhalliii.....then answer this for all to see........

      what was the first letter of the girl from corporate office that you went out with once or twice.

    • so don't believe the other fool

    • EOM.

    • Get ready........I'm back and yes it is me from Atlanta.

    • Do you think these just might be options that he has earned over the years? Why shouldn't he exercise/sell?

      Do you guys just hate big business? A little jealous perhaps?

    • He sure likes to dump RTI stock on a regular
      basis. Given the nice salary and bonus why to you think
      he continues to sell?

      Latest sale/proposed
      sell is 18,666 shares pre-split, dated May 1. Seeing
      how every proposed sell has resulted in an actual
      sell (I think) Why the continued selling. Is he

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