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  • tommiller_25 tommiller_25 Mar 7, 2012 1:44 PM Flag

    The only

    ------What herd? --it appears that this thread has been just between you and I. I can say you have no clue about the direction of this stock based on your facts that it trades w/i pennies of the Swiss... What about all those who have short positions on ABB! Are they clueless.
    Sir, I can say that ABB or any other stock moves on a simple premise of emotion and not facts at all. Those emotions being fear and greed.
    We have all played that game even when the facts say otherwise.
    Again you seem to have an arrogant attitude. If I irritate you so much put me on ignore. Go ahead respond ..I will continue to say that the Dax as well as many other indexes can effect whatever stock as I please-----

    You certainly may say anything you wish; no one insists that whatever idiocies dribble from your feeble mind need to be factual. You may also go to church and immerse yourself in glorious fantasies; if that makes you happy, go for it. Many in the herd love to fantasize because it relieves them of critical thinking, or thinking in any form. You are the poster child of a delusional, obedient member of the herd (yes, sheep) they all follow the goat, even down the cliff. The goat, of course, is smart enough to step aside at the last moment. Have a nice trip.

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