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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 7, 2011 5:46 AM Flag

    Yan Interview....

    Fuji Mix together: the big world poverty industry

    Poor industry is not easy to make money

    Obviously insufficient investment in information technology, the large number of solution providers, market competition, concentration is not high, the domestic retail market to see how information technology is a piece of barren land.

    IDC's China IT solutions for the retail industry market forecast from 2010 to 2014, and research reports that, as of 2009, there were more than 150 major vendors to provide IT services to the retail industry. The total income of the top ten companies 707.5 million, accounting for only 42.9% overall market share.

    Rich Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing this empathy-based intermediation. "This is a highly fragmented market." Yan Yanchun, chairman of the view that the retail industry solution providers in general, "small size" and spread too thin, and the Chinese retail industry itself is closely related to market concentration is not high. According to the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, the relevant data, in 2010, domestic retail chains hundred sales volume reached 1.66 trillion yuan though, but retail sales only accounted for 11% of the total.

    In such a fragmented market, the money has become difficult, and software companies to make money is difficult. "In an order, the hardware and network, 3 dollars if our software is only a dollar." Yan Yanchun on Computer Partner, told reporters.

    Listed five challenges continue

    That being said, but the rich base facility obstinately to find in such a poor industry to their survival. In 2006, the company set about the occasion of ten years, the rich base facility became the first local Nasdaq-listed IT software and service providers.

    In early 2011, recalled the company through five years after listing, Yan Yanchun speech is embodied in a lot more changes and challenges.

    First, the market's competitive landscape has undergone great changes, a growing number of Fortune 500 and brand manufacturers to enter the Chinese retail market, China's local enterprises to grow up quickly, the match becomes more and more. In this case, the rich still get a lot of facility-based international customers, such as P & G, Pepsi, L'Oreal, Kimberly-Clark, etc., to expand domestic retail hundred to more than 30 customers, such as Suning Appliance, Lianhua, China Resources, etc.; and Help Haier and other traditional manufacturers have begun to enter the retail market in the country 3 to 4 lines 5000 to 6000 the city has opened retail stores.

    Secondly, over the past 5 years, the Chinese retail market itself has undergone great changes, and more development may become a trend, a lot of M & A cases each year, which the company made a lot of new issues. Today, facility-based solutions for the rich to cover the basic consumer goods industry, from logistics, distribution to all major formats of the retail business.

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    • Finally, from within the company and the challenges of mergers and acquisitions. Over the past few years, the rich more than the base through the acquisition of facility work, has established a mature system of M & A process and cultural integration.

      The good news is, "from the market by 2010, about three times the growth of our performance. 5 years, we completed two major initial transformation: First, from a software company completed the transition to a service company, service income close to the software revenue; the second is complete retail solutions from a single provider to the end to end supply chain solutions provider in the transition. "

      Consumption of the world to create happiness

      Today, the retail industry is accelerating as the center from a retailer to the consumer-centric transformation. Yan Yanchun that "things change in the retail sector has become increasingly clear, including mobile Internet. This is a more transparent supply chain. Social network of" people "linked to things is the" objects "connected . "

      In this backdrop, the importance of supply chain management has become increasingly prominent, with efficient and transparent supply chain, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers of the inventory can be reasonably controlled. At the same time, customer relationship management is also vital to care for customers, moving customers, improve customer relations, building long-term emotional bonds.

      Fuji facility can take advantage of the Internet, particularly social networks to help the entire supply chain, all the roles, including manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers, so that our common sense of happiness, this is a chain of consumer well-being of the world, Fu-based facility, and ultimately the corporate mission to create a happy new consumer world.

      In Yan Yanchun, future, rich base facility will no longer be a software company, but a truly company to help customers solve problems and help them become more intelligent development. "So our team building is very important. Before 30% of the people engaged in the retail industry, 5 years later, I hope to 60%, it will be a great change."

      Develop new markets in China Yurun

      In the past the year 2010, research and discuss hot industry issues, "Fu-based Business Review," published, praised by the industry; order to meet the cloud computing era, the rich base facilities specially set up new business sectors, both in technology and market to meet future industry changes, has been the practical application of two cloud (SFA and centralized deployment); order to better serve customers, the company set up a system integration and services, and the establishment of call centers, which is the company's major strategic transformation to a service initiative, won a better customer satisfaction.

      Yan Yanchun that the retail value chain, there are four stages: First, shop expansion; Second, supply chain efficiency; Third, differences in management; fourth, one on one customer relationships. "At present, a large number of retailers still in the development of the first stage, the expansion of their shop is still the topic of greatest concern."

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      • To this end, in recent years, the rich base facility to speed up the opening in the branches and offices across the country the pace of development in some areas that provide outsourcing services partner to provide customers with tailor local services. Meanwhile, the company will continue to deepen its "Yurun China" program, in the most developed areas in domestic consumption, and vigorously expand the second and third and even fourth tier cities in the market.

        In a few years, China is not only the world's manufacturing center, is the world's consumer center, China will become the world's largest retail market. China's urbanization, the rise of the middle class and the rise of online retail and other three forces are driving the historical process, which gives the rich base facility's development has brought great opportunities.

        Looking to the future, "the birth of China's retail sales will be tens of billions of solution providers," is rich base facility you? "Why not?" Yan Yanchun answer without the slightest hesitation.

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