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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Nov 19, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    expect nothing in this quarter

    Probably a boring non event quarter based on:
    1, last quarter was a blowout on the upside-47% growth overall- software 100% so with efut or normal companies the numbers are lumpy from quarter to quarter
    2, the company always lowballs 4th quarter- i think last 2 years they beat estimates by like 50%.
    the company always conservative with estimates.
    3, most important thing- buyback of shares-how many? Operating efficiency is the main thesis to look at since efut spent a ton of time trying to achieve. What the company see's in the industry and hopefully accelarated growth next year. The second quarter was w worst perfrormance in China publicly traded stocks regarsding Revenue growth since 2008 to put it in perspective. The economic numbers have shown promise of accelarated growth going forward in China. Also, Cloud service, consolidation in the sector.

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    • well this is a little oversold
      but the report might not be enough to go parabolic
      a good but boring report

      one of these days
      i see you efut
      and i am in
      dont forget me

    • We should expect to see steady progress with retail sales up over 9% in China overall and an improving Chinese economy. Numbers should be good and guidance should reflect eFutures number 1 position in market share along with recently signed sizable contracts that will effect the bottom line in 2013.

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      • Just when you think you can predict the numbers, you can't. I agree with ozzie about the numbers most likely coming in strong this quarter, but you never know how well E-Future was able to upsell and pick up new smaller clients to add to the mix of new signings made public by the recent press releases.

        E-Future's growth will usually lag retail sales as it takes strong retail sales FIRST before retailers have any plans to expand. Regardless, the overall imbalances of the global economy are now rebalancing and being well invested in a wide-moated, steady growth company like E-Future, perfectly situated to benefit from the necessary shift in world consumption patterns, should be a rather enviable position to be in - if the stock only followed suit.

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