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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Nov 19, 2012 6:15 PM Flag

    It's Hopeless...

    No matter how well E-Future executes, the rotational stiffs that inhabit this board will be unable to see their progress clearly.

    Everybody is worried about putting a PE on this thing fast - wrong mentality. As you worry about immediate profitability, E-Future's management is building a business perfectly positioned over the long-term.

    If the 2-3 million dollar hardware contract closed in 1st quarter this year vs 4th quarter last year, you'd all be singing the praises of 25% yoy growth. It's nothing but an accounting timing issue, and you guys think EFuture isn't growing.

    It is, and it's absurdly cheap too, btw.

    Doesn't matter, cause if you sell off, there will be buyers now. I guarantee that.

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    • just bought back in
      origionally bought this stock at 16 yrs ago
      this ipo/d at 9 and the reason given for the run to 50 was that it ipo/d too low
      when this ipo/d it had a pe of 10

      i have traded this over a hundred times
      but havent owned it in 3 yrs
      did i miss anything here
      me i am a sucker for software companys
      especially with rising oil prices

      fill up your car \

      wanna do all the tax work on my efut trades
      by hand

      i dont anymore
      i was young

    • MMP - Profitability has eluded this company on a full annual basis for several years running. They may be building a foundation, but it isn't an unreasonable expectation for them to post a profit. Any profit at all would be very well received and do wonders for the stock price. That, in itself, would add value. As it stands, growth through acquisitions is a virtual impossibility without generating cash through profitability. Have you noticed their cash position is down significantly? EFUT should prioritize turning the corner from annual (not just quarterly) losses to small profits. I'll give them one more year, but if this stock price is still around $4 by then, I'll find someplace else to park my money where I can actually post a personal profit.

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