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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Dec 5, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    Efut extents buyback into next year proxy

    They started buying in the second quarter and looks like averaging 25,000 shares per quarter. Its not blockbuster but its still great news as they help clean up loose supply of efut stock. This tightens up a smaller float even more if you ever get an real size buyers could lead to take off. Their restricted by volume restrictions on how much they can buy- Good news-Its also gives them more credibility since their actually wiring money to USA buying shares in which 90% of small cap Chinese do nothing.

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    • Thx Jtech for the update. Could there be another motive for their buyback?

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      • No they are smart. People forget EFUT raised money in a convert bond offering in like 2007 at 25$ for 10mill bucks with fund investors during the bubble-brilliant move- 8mill got converted into what like 250k shares of stock and efut paid the rest off last year-no debt. Its a brilliant because thats why efut has little shares outstanding because they raised money at crazy high prices and can buyback shares today. In other words, for efut to raise money today in this panic market it would be like 40% dilution. What a smart move- Also, since efut raised money they about doubled the size of the company, increased its accounting transparency-paid off all debt-insider bought at 5.37$ maintained a healthy cash balance of 6-9mill(40% of market cap), increased working capital. The difference at 25$ their was bubble in Chinese equities, they were smart took advantage of it, today their depression in china stocks-

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