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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Mar 19, 2013 3:10 PM Flag


    I may be wrong, but I'd guess we've hit the nadir in terms of volume.
    The nice thing is that the stocks largest declines over the last few years have shown little selling conviction - very light volume on the downside.

    98 prospective companies with a total contract value of over 50 million is pretty big news in my opinion!
    If they announced the signing of each one, it may help the stock price, but the business is the same.

    Good day today, no doubt!

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    • Three days after earnings and we haven't traded for about 3 hours, 2,000 traded so far, down a casual 99% or so from the other day. We are still haven't broken out of the anemic volume trend. I thought the good earnings and the little, but nice news pop might get some interest. but, apparently not. Headed in the right direction, looks like it. Time will tell, Have a great weekend.

    • Well I had to look up nadir on webster and I hope you are right about that. Maybe 2013 is finally the year we make a profit. It looks like a real possibility. Did you listen to the call? If so , anything of note. Thanks as always.

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      • 98 prospective contracts with a total contract value of over 50 million...

        I talked to the company personally already... and they will likely close more than 50% of those. That's all accretive to the backlog, as that isn't included in their backlog. IT's their highest amount of considering clients ever by 100%.

        Also, they mentioned that 2nd quarter will surpass last year's strong 2nd quarter in revenue and EBITDA, and that the 1st quarter was weak only because of timing of the closing of contracts. They expect 2013 as a whole to be stronger than 2012, but don't want to get too specific as many contracts are in the process of negotiation, and have not been signed yet.

        Also, they've hired a few key highly-talented employees to work on the mystore seed business and have developed a strategy to work with retailers in an effort to disseminate the mystore application to a wider user base rather than market the freeware directly to consumers.

        If you want to know more, shoot me an e-mail, there was a lot of information in the CC and some new information about the company I've picked up through Chinese-Language newssites and blogs.

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