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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Apr 10, 2013 10:50 PM Flag

    It doesn't seem like anybody understand the company.

    Some of the recent comments about the settlement are very telling. Many of the long-term board members don't even understand the details surrounding the operations and present issues of the company. It leads me to believe that nobody is focusing on this company at all that has a reasonable understanding of the potential value here besides maybe 1-2 people.

    The Microsoft lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount. It was less than 3.9 Million Renminbi. That was all that is known. It was probably settled considerably lower and the amount undisclosed as Microsoft wouldn't want other defendants aware of their bargaining power.

    The lawsuit was filed against E-Future because they had a few individuals in the Wuhan office who were using unlicensed Windows and Office products. THey have 10 offices providing local customer service and local implementation teams and have over 800 employees. These thing are possible, especially in China. Microsoft has been making a lot of companies go to court and have been settling many similar claims, from what I am told. Note that the lawsuit had nothing to do with copying Microsoft' software and selling it as their own. This is a very important distinction that appears to be misunderstood by the crowd here.

    Also E-Future doesn't much compete with Microsoft as they offer a niche, Chinese- Retail specific catered product that is individually customized for each retail client.

    We don't know the final number, but I'll probably be able to figure it out with a few online web searches in Chinese.

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    • I know that was aimed at me and I'm fine with that. Thanks for the clarification. Now this has to be the nadir. Right?

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      • Kay- you still think efut is not profitable? or doesn't grow but revenues gone from 19mill in 2009 to about 40mill in 2013 from internal funding? The bloomberg USA Chinese index is down 70% from its peak sums up the complete hatred for the group.

      • Kay, I tried to be civil. Sorry if you thought I took a pot shot at you, but in the future, don't be afraid to call the company to ask for some clarification. The Secretary and CFO are usually available to talk to and are very friendly and patient.

        I like the fact that no information or research has been written about this company in years. It provides us a cause when we try to answer why this stock is stuck at these very low valuations.
        Little EFUT is off everybody's radar. Most investors simply recognize it from it's glory days when it IPO'ed back in 2006 and stay away from it due to its association with speculation.

        I also think that the company has a very positive relationship with its shareholders. I believe due to this positive relationship that they have displayed, it would be very uncharacteristic of E-Future to pull the carpet out from investors and buy the company for $4.50 to $5.00 a share.

        If the SEC ever solidifies an agreement with the Chinese authorities regarding audit oversight and working paper sharing, and/or punitive measures taken against Chinese executives who defraud foreign investors, it would be the time to buy this hand over fist as the last uncertainties are removed.

    • Any ideas on what caused this selloff? Earnings were reasonably good, guidance was good, the Microsoft issue was settled and was more of an embarrassment than anything (little if any financial impact). No news, no filings, as already mentioned, so what then? You mentioned one time employees receiving options and selling them. Could this be the case this time?

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