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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Mar 26, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

    Adam Yan's Vision for Mystore

    Check out the most recent article on EFuture on their website. It details Adam's plan to create a 3-tiered revenue structure for MYSTORE.

    1. upfront installment costs at the local retailer's stores
    2. advertising revenue through customized and targeted personalized recommendations (estimated to begin collection in April (or about 1,000,000 customer mark). The more that use MyStore, the more valuable their ability to individually market to consumers directly in a one-to-one relationship.
    3. Consumer Credit based on Big Data Collection to allow small consumer credit advances based on personal spending data collected throughout the year. This is stage 3.

    Adam also details his master goal is 600,000,000 Chinese consumers using MyStore applications through local retailers that will benefit from MYSTORE, being able to to market the platform to their current retail customers. Lofty, yes. Possible, I have no idea.

    Go translate the most recent article at their website to have a better idea what I'm talking about. It's the most recent article ""颜艳春,零售业颠覆者""; the translation is ""Adam Yan, Retail Insurgent"".


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    • MMMPARSLEY I have a question I would like to ask you privately

    • Does this mean they are at or near 1 million mystore users already?

      • 1 Reply to boredwalk32
      • Adam mentioned in the article that he is waiting for a larger base of users before starting a targeted and personalized marketing campaign to users.

        The 1 million number is an estimation based on the information that I gathered. Based on a full Yonghui launch, E-Futuré's largest client to datewhich just went into full operation yesterday or so it appears, I would imagine the number is increasing beyond the 5000 or so customers added on a daily basis this year so far. Also the fact that during this increase, ""a very large percentage"", are active users according to the company, makes me believe we are seeing a social-sharing phenomenon that can be described as exponential and/or viral growth - at least recently. If users were only downloading the program based on short-term incentives (like a 8 rmb discount in store for first use of the program), and then not using the program again, the recent increase wouldn't have necessarily been indicative of predictable exponential effect.

        As of March, they have not yet began applying the marketing strategy and revenue accretive advertising initiative. In April, Adam plans to be at a level of users, where he believes it becomes necessary to begin stage 2 of using MyStore as a revenue accretive asset of EFuture. So I was basically guessing on the number based on that logic. I try to be clear when I state anything other than factual and supportable information, so hopefully that helps as I should have been more clear about that but didn't have the time to go in to great depth about it.

    • where please? sorry cant find

    • There it is, what I and others have wanted to see in some detail! Parsley you are on top of it and we appreciate your efforts to keep us informed. Also, the contract was announced on Yahoo this AM! This is an amazing plan and vison for eFuture and now time to step back and digest it all. Looking forward to hearing others comments as well.

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