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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 3, 2014 12:45 AM Flag

    One known that I know.

    Who knowingly knows the known unknowns until the unknowns become knowable and we can knowingly make knowledgeable decisions. (full disclosure: Trying to persuade Donald Rumsfeld to commit some of his capital here.) And there are still many unknowns about how MyStore and E-Future can capitalize their assets in highly dynamic Chinese retail environment.

    However, one thing seems pretty clear, the stock - like many other US-Listed Chinese Companies - has its share price being manipulated by Chinese investors overseas that have more complete knowledge, and perhaps intimate financial details, about the companies they are buying and selling. They are using these stocks as a trading vehicle while nervousness abounds and the veil of opacity continues to cloud the vision of US Retail investors. You can detect them pretty easily because they don't hide their limit orders well at all. They aren't fomenting either by trying to lift or suppress the price by placing deceptive buy/sell orders which disappear as soon as a counter-party attempts to exchange their shares with them. They will allow you to buy or sell a large chunk to them, and if they don't get their price they will shortly thereafter run the price up or down depending on what they likely know in advance will be the next short-term reaction to upcoming news o numbers by the company. That's why so many of these stocks trade completely counter-intuitively. A few Information Advantaged Chinese Investors appear to be taking advantage of Americans Myopia by selling to them after good news and cleaning up the asks during bad news.

    The reason they trade stupidly is they likely have little access to dark pools and probably don't understand the mechanics of entering and exiting a position intelligently. It doesn't really effect them because if the next batch of numbers will be bullish and they have foreknowledge they know somebody will be there to offload on after the good news or sell to them on bad news.

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