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  • Motorboats Motorboats Feb 9, 1998 7:22 PM Flag

    Monday action ?

    Was today's mild decline on more than double avg. vol. simply profit taking, or what ?


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    • This stock has not performed well lately and I'm a little concerned. My personal opinion is that concerns about the dollar
      mixed with a little apprehension over the upcoming spin off has the big money unwilling to commit. I'm not the least bit worried
      about currency fluctuations. I just assume that everyone's on the same playing field and sooner or later it all balances itself
      out. The spin off, however, is another storey. These business's are sub par, hence the spin off. I don't want to own them and
      neither does Campbell's apparently. Watch closely an opportunity may present itself soon but the window will be narrow. CPB without
      Vlasic Inc. will be a great company.