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  • alexorjona alexorjona May 7, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    cramer on WB

    Just heard him on CNBC.....
    what a jerk Cramer can be.....and sometimes as stupid as he is smart.
    Really doesn't seem to have a very good idea of best capital allocation strategies sometimes....would say downright ignorant displays at times. Too bad he is so prominent at CNBC, along with the fast money types who push quick mutiple reversals, etc.

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    • Cramer's negative comments concerning Berkshire and WEB's investing are an incomprehensible about face.
      He says to look at the 10 year charts of BRKB and SPY as if it proved some big underpeformance, but it does not show any such thing. Cramer says the market is interested in growing tech stocks today, not value investing! What!? Value investing is out? Seems Cramer has forgotten about the dot com crash of 2000. Sometimes Cramer seems to have just landed from Mars.

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