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  • abrahamson_5 abrahamson_5 Jun 21, 2012 6:36 PM Flag

    37 with 905 shares b stock

    Now by no means do I declare to have any idea about day traders and stock and such. I am a BNSF employee who has bought BNSF stock for years, 37 years old, invested in company (BNSF) 401K, etc. After the BH purchase, I was told (and is written) that I could sell my old BNSF stock up front, for $100 cash, per share; or get the same shares/value of $100 in BRK-b stock. I elected to take the later, which I did. At the time BNSF was at 75.50, I elected to stay. Now I own 1000 shares of (B/H vanguard stock (fund)) and I buy a share of post-tax (real share)in an employee discount program. I feel like I got screwed. I did not elect to buy into a fund (vanguard) at $11.00 a share, I elected into purchasing $100 of BRK-B per share of what I already had. Should I keep investing in this BRKB post tax? Should I correct the problem that is on paper? Should I just lay down and except? Im 37 years old (a regular joe) with a pension, like I said, I make about 90K a year, and well advice would help.

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    • I retired from BNSF in 2004.
      still in the 401.
      What I do is trade between the company stock and the stable fund.
      You will have to read the plan rules they do change.
      It is a no load trade, (no cost to you), the last pps of the day
      applies. So when I do it 355pm. I think you can only have 20% in company stock fund. There is also a time limit, 2 or 3 months?
      I average 3 trades a year. Pays better than dividends for me GLTU

    • Exactly WHAT is "B/H vanguard stock (fund)"???

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      • « Exactly WHAT is "B/H vanguard stock (fund)"??? »

        Just guessing, but that is probably how Vanguard, his 401(k) administrator, "packages" his company stock. Vanguard did something similar for a company I once worked for, before it was acquired and delisted. In my case, the stock fund's price didn't match the price of the common stock because it included automatically reinvested dividends.

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