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  • yossel1one yossel1one Sep 5, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

    Questionable behavior

    The bashing has continued unabated. So, given my husband's, Barbara's, and my position in your stock you should be aware that he will bash BRKB shares sooner or later. Many of the members of CNBC and the guests of Fast Money Half Time Report along with Cramer have enjoyed bashing. Guy Adami, David Faber, and others have joined the bashing squad.

    Actually, in a way, he has bashed the stock. A few months ago a caller asked Cramer's advice about BRKB. The reply was that he did not hold it or follow it because he did not really understand it. The hidden message is one that even a child can understand: don't buy it. Imagine, if the "great Cramer" doesn't understand it, what chance would an ordinary stockholder like you have.

    If you are not satisfied for any reason that my husband, Barbara, and I hold your shares, please let us know. My husband does not like be be where he is not wanted. Quite frankly sir, Barbara finds it very difficult to believe that you are not aware of what has been transpiring because of your vast holdings in Comcast and GE.

    Glad to see he has finally stopped writing and posting. After all, you and the two officials asked him to post on Atomic Bobs and then gave him no support. The resignation letter that he posted on Atomic Bobs has only resulted in more vehemence and hatred from these individuals. I hope you know that Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Bill Griffeth wanted my husband to explain his methodology because all of the members of the CNBC news team were working on his list of stocks, attempting to duplicate the results, but couldn't. Therefore it was incumbent on him to explain to them how it was done. One of the thieves confronted the victim for an explanation of how it worked. Mindblowing!

    PS-Regardless, I hope you are feeling better.

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