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  • yossel1one yossel1one Sep 23, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    Cramer extortion campaign

    Within the last couple of weeks I found a list of stocks under $5 and decided to purchase
    a number of them. I had just finished placing the orders and gotten the confirmations. At
    the time I was watching CNBC. Bertha Coombs and Sharon Epperson came on the air
    saying that they had found 2 stocks they wanted to offer for their audience’s
    consideration. Both stocks were from the list of stocks I had just purchased. The next face
    on the screen was Jim Cramer with a big smile. The message was clear .He was re-
    enforcing his threat that I was to follow his mandate as directed because he would be
    watching my account since he had access to it. When he showed me his ability, I told
    him that I would have to write to Fidelity. He told me, “they would never believe you and
    you’re not going to enjoy being thought of as crazy. It doesn’t bother me at all because that’s just the way I am.” He also showed me that he had viewed my account when he told me that very same day that I made another transaction in my IRA. He loved it, dancing around the stage. “Apple is the perfect thing for IRAs for the long term investor. Consequently, he was reading my account. By the way, please keep in mind, that he had never been given permission by anyone to view my account.

    In case I omitted to tell you, his mandate is very simple: he wants me to seIl all the stocks in my portfolio or he will sell me out. He doesn’t want me in the market. If I am in the market, I am only to hold what he has selected or he will bash the stocks I hold. I know you’re not going to believe it, but this man has access to my account and this is proven by how rapidly he garnered the list of stocks I just purchased, gave them to his 2 newest recruits, and had them offer them to the public. I had never had a problem with either of these 2 young ladies until Cramer decided to involve them in his campaign. Personally I am very sorry they allowed themselves to become involved. They also must have access to my statement. He must have passed it around to everyone.

    During one segment, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was speaking to Sue Herera off camera,
    but their conversation was audible. Sue Herera asked, “why did you tell him you had
    it?” Michelle Caruso-Cabrera replied, “I have never seen something like that before.”
    So, now you know how Michelle Caruso-Cabrera ended up with my brokerage statement.

    I can only assume that Sue Herera obtained it from Mark Haines since he apparently was
    the one who had it at the time of the last bull market according to Melissa Lee. He, in
    turn, obtained it from Erin Burnett. The rumor was that she had “friendly contacts” at
    Fidelity. If Fidelity’s findings that “no unauthorized access over the last 18 months” is
    accurate when they investigated my claim that the account had been breached, then the
    rumor is correct. Someone must have a friendly contact at the company.The amazing thing is that Mr. Haines has been dead for over a year and they are still able to gain access. This was even after I changed my log in ID and pin numbers. Hence the smile on Jim Cramer’s face.
    Jim Cramer insists that I give him my formula for calculating where a stock is going. During one of his tirades in front of his colleagues he insisted that there had to be a mathematical formula, otherwise I had nothing, nothing, and that I had to give it to him. Otherwise he would bash my stocks.

    After he threatened to bash my stocks if I didn’t sell them, I posted a message to Warren
    Buffett to that effect. What followed was Brian Sullivan on his Street Signs show asking
    Mr. Cramer if he was going to downgrade Navistar and tell people to sell. They both
    laughed. That was one of my stocks. I think it was during the show when a piece of
    furniture had been delivered to Mr. Cramer and he told Mr. Sullivan that it had been sent
    under Mr. Buffett’s auspices. He then sat down on the chair and luxuriated on how tight
    he was with Mr. Buffett. If that had any message at all, it’s that everyone knows that Mr.
    Buffett doesn’t use a computer, that he’s computer illiterate, and would never see the post that I had written on the Berkshire Hathaway message board.

    By the way, I should mention that I did sell some of my stocks, among them some of my
    shares of BRKB. Mr. Cramer was offended that I owned them because he had had to sell his position. Since he has access to my account, I was afraid that he might transact sales since on several occasions he indicated that he wanted to sell my stocks for me and that he would. I wanted to buy time until I could decide how to handle the situation. After all, he did tell me several times that if I spoke out, no one would believe me anyway.

    David Faber has been active in the background. His contribution was to voice to Mr.
    Cramer his concern that the incidents might be investigated and lead to their dismissal
    from the network. Mr. Cramer’s response was, “what are they going to do to us, fire
    us?” Jim Cramer involved all of them. I guess he feels they won’t dismiss any of them if they’re all involved.

    There is another item that I should tell you about. This one is really going to blow you
    away. And, please don’t laugh until you investigate it. I say this quite honestly to you
    because if I received such a letter I would be rolling on the floor with laughter. Michelle
    Caruso-Cabrera, Carl Quintanila, and Joe Kernen, thanks to modern technology, are
    able to view their viewers at home, in their living room, bedroom, family room, wherever
    the TV is located. In my case, it’s the bedroom. You understandingly say, what is this
    nonsense? When it was set up, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera said to Carl Quintanila, “he’s
    watching.” Carl said,” I know.” Becky Quick said she was nervous about this because they might get into trouble. Carl replied that there are cameras all over. So, when you watch CNBC Business news, they watch you. You are the star.

    All of the above transpired because the CNBC news staff didn’t want me posting the
    news on the internet. Unfortunately, they disagreed with the gentlemen who requested
    that I post news items. This is the staff’s way of repeatedly telling me to quit. Since I ignored them, they chose to act in this gangster fashion. After all the code of the
    gangster is silence among criminals and criminals they are. Many times Ron Insana
    said, “we don’t need you” and “we don’t want you here.” In fact, even after he had been
    terminated as an employee, he would be back on camera as a guest contributor and deliver the same message.

    Among the things that shock me the most is that Mr. Cramer and all of the above mentioned must believe that Warren Buffett is too old and ill to defend his Berkshire shares. Clearly they also believe that he is computer illiterate because of the way they act when I post items on the Berkshire message boards. A sad case of ignorance on their part.

    Lack of conscience explains it all. They don’t care how many investors are hurt by their bashing, extortion and threats, and use of techno phenomena.

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