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  • normanspyker normanspyker Nov 29, 2012 10:32 AM Flag

    odds of a Special Dividend?


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    • Less than zero I hope.

    • It is my opinion that the odds of a dividend for BRK are nil. Warren wants capital that he can invest with more profit for the shareholder than a dividend. Warren is a stubborn man, especially with things like his diet. Breakfast = strawberry ice cream (or maybe a ham sandwich), Lunch = burger and fries, dinner = steak and hash browns. He has never eaten a vegetable or a salad and like dividends, he has never been a fan of them. When he traveled to China with Gates, people were sent to teach them to cook burgers where there wasn't a MacDonalds. He prides himself like eating like a 3 year old. Somehow, his persona is capable of making mostly good investments although he sometimes gets burned like the rest of us.

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      • I've got over half my portfolio in companies all over the world that pay and increase dividends and in REIT preferreds and MLPs all of which provide plenty of investment income. BRK is great at reinvesting capital to generate long term returns in terms of value. Might have to wait for the stock price to catch, but now and even more in the future it will be good for after tax returns. I don't understand why people would insist that BRK pay out dividends. WEB likes to talk about his low income tax rate, but that could easily be raised simply be capping charitable deductions ata "low" amount like say, $ 1 million. Meanwhile please BRK don't pay me dividends.


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