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  • saltshaker2525 saltshaker2525 Dec 12, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    new 'Buffett put' = $89.40

    On a Class B share basis, the book value is roughly $74.50, which means Berkshire is a buyer at $89.40 or below (1.2 times book value), or roughly the current trading price.

    Since Berkshire doesn't pay any dividends, the share price should continue to increase at least at the rate of 1.2 times all future earings per share plus 1.2 times any increases in the equity portfolio, and could go higher if the market assigns any additional premium to BRK shares.

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    • I agree that Berkshire is a great buy.. however, keep in mind that Mr. Buffett made a point of saying that he will not use the share repurchase program to prop up the share price (so there is no 'floor' with this program)... he uses it to get the shares at the cheapest he can, so that he can retire as many shares as possible.

      That said, over time you are right... the risk:reward on this investment is astonishingly good... I am adding to my position at these prices (and got several shares recently at below the 1.2 of book).


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    • Isn't this totally awesome investment? Talk about low or near zero risk investment in to the stock market!

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      • My brother in law is 75, and we were talking about the election a couple of days ago and he was telling me how poorly his investments had done since Obama was elected. I told him "I've more than doubled my money in my IRA in the last 3 years. I asked him what kind of investments he was in since you could have just bought an index fund of the Dow, Nasdaq, etc. and done as well as I have done picking stocks. He said, Oh, I'm in a money market fund. I was scared to death in December of 08 and when Warren Buffet spoke on TV and said he was betting "ALL IN on America" I thought to myself, why the heck not. That sounds like the patriotic thing to do and if we end up in a depression, I'm gonna be in trouble anyway, just like hundreds of millions of others.

        When Fox was telling their viewers "Obama is a socialist, and he's going to intentionally crash the stock market", and Rick Santelli and Larry Kudlow were almost as negative as to the future of the markets under Obama.

        I listened to Warren instead, bought a Ford Bond , KVU @$ 4.25 which was issued at $25.00 3 years before at an 8% rate. The bond paid an incredible 49% rate at the $4.25 price and the next coupon paid in 2 weeks. In mid 2011, Ford bought the bonds back -at $25.00 and I collected almost $5.00 more in premiums, so a $4,250 investment brought me $30,000 in about 2 1/2 years. THANK YOU VERY MUCH WARREN BUFFET to have the courage to jump in with both feet.and for inspiring me and millions of other investors to do the same.

        Most of my stocks have done really well, except for the Natural gas and energy stocks which were Nat gas heavy, but I look for them to take off soon, especially if congressional republicans will get off their rears and stop protecting the oil cartel and the Koch brothers, who have made TENS of BILLIONS of dollars by manipulating natural gas prices down below $2.00 a year ago, which made Tens of billions in additional profit for big oil, because when Mitch McConnell filibustered the energy bill, gasoline and diesel prices skyrocketed when the oil monopoly knew they would not have to compete in the transportation fuel business.

        Nat gas fuel (CNG) sells locally for just over $1.00 per gallon, and Chesapeake is going to introduce a home compressor which will allow you to fill upat your house for about half the pump price. Here, the rate at home is $0.56 per gallon, and every gallon of American made Natural gas we use is one gallon less gasoline coming from OPEC oil. The Trillions of dollars saved by American consumers will be the greatest "stimulus package" ever when people are no longer forced to spend 15% of average income on fuel costs.

        The energy bill will facilitate converting the nation's trucking fleet from dirty burning OPEC diesel to clean burning American made natural gas, and since the trucking fleet consumes 60% of all transportation fuel, this conversion alone without factoring in solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, etc. will cut our oil imports in half within 5 years and make the oilfields of the middle east pretty much irrelevant.

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