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  • gymmykramir gymmykramir Dec 21, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    129682136 IRA account at Fidelity LAUNDERED


    This is what NAZI’s do 2 real Americans Yahoo. Publish it. We know the FBI has it and want them 2 have it.

    FBI and SWAT agents swarms Fidelity and GS 12/20/2012.
    129682136 IRA account at Fidelity has had $200,000 laundered form their portfolio over 10 years. The data exists and it has been confirmed. Fidelity conspires with their red plague MM’s 2 launder America.
    And If this is only 1 Middle Income Portfolio America, that means EVERYONES hard working earnings have been LOOTED.
    THOU SHALL NOT STEAL nYC fInancial PIGGS And Fidelity.
    After sATan takes 20 bcause of your contribution 2 EVIL man nyC NAZI PIGG,
    His Legion NOW tAkes YOUR PIGGS 4
    3,000,000 +333

    This topic is deleted.
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