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  • davenport_mba davenport_mba Jan 14, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    Another 1% Dividend Paid

    We got another 1% dividend today.

    I choose to reinvest the dividend. As such, I got a tax-free dividend and a zero cost reinvestment of the proceeds.

    It is great that Berkshire is allowing self- choice dividends and not forcing them upon us like other companies.

    Thanks Berkshire!

    Please continue current NO (FORCED) DIVIDEND POLICY. I am very happy with the ELECTIVE DIVIDEND.

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    • I reinvested my 1% dividend as well.

    • *Laughs*

      When I first read your post and the replies, I was confused... one of the things I like about Berkshire is that it compounds so well, and does NOT pay a dividend right now. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was meant by an 'elective' dividend... as in someone can sell and get some money from the capital gain when they want.

      I respect that people make investing decisions for various reasons (if you are investing for income right now, then this is not a great choice for example)... but for me, allowing the empire to continue to expand (Mr. Buffett and company continuing to expand Berkshire's corporate empire) and add value to our company is perfectly fine...:)

      I guess, I 'reinvested' the elective dividend too... (and am buying more shares as quickly as I can at these prices).


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And I just took another 15% dividend today based on Q1 gains. A 15% quarterly dividend - who else is paying that much and allowing tax free reinvestment if you don't elect to take the dividend.

      No dividend stock is offering these level returns and flexibility. Anybody singing the dividend blues with this stock just needs to reinsert the brain.

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